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Frayed Hip Labrum Pt 2

Good morning everyone! I thought I would do a post on my current frayed labrum situation and update you all since I last posted here. It has been just over five weeks since I last took a ballet class, and just over three weeks since I was on the Peloton bike. I am on week… Continue reading Frayed Hip Labrum Pt 2



More cookie recipes! These chunky cookies are loaded with so much goodness and are the perfect afternoon treat or healthy post-dinner dessert. Made without refined sugar or gluten, you will not have a sugar crash or feel the need to eat tons of these. You should feel satisfied with just 1 or 2 cookies. They… Continue reading CHUNKY MONKEY COOKIES



I am still on the quest to perfect a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. These are getting there! My goal is to figure out how to make the cookies more GOOEY and creamy rather than cake-like. These cookies are made only with almond flour, protein powder, and a handful of other ingredients. They are incredibly satisfying!… Continue reading YUMMY GUILT-FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES

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AMAZING Baked Peach Oatmeal

This baked oatmeal reminds me of a HEALTHY peach cobbler - what better thing to eat in the morning! Loaded with health benefits though, this baked oatmeal is sure to please anyone and everyone - even kids! I, of course, add some vanilla protein powder to my baked goods as this adds an extra "filling… Continue reading AMAZING Baked Peach Oatmeal


Simple Paleo Deviled Eggs

Sometimes I CRAVE eggs! And with good reason. Eggs are so nutritious and loaded with healthy fat and solid protein as well as vitamins and minerals. In addition to being a complete protein, eggs offer vitamin B12, selenium, and numerous antioxidants. This recipe is very fast and simple yet delicious and I bet you have… Continue reading Simple Paleo Deviled Eggs

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Easy Wild Salmon Cakes (gluten-free)

I love to get salmon on the menu on a weekly basis because of the healthy omega-3 fats! Salmon is so good for you! Loaded with healthy proteins and fats. I prefer to get wild when possible and the canned version is definitely cheaper than fresh. These cakes are sure to be a favorite. They… Continue reading Easy Wild Salmon Cakes (gluten-free)


Brain Hacking: Shift your thinking to becoming consistent with healthy eating and exercise

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to never miss a workout? How they simply must be different than everyone else - they must really LOVE it or they are just born with "better discipline". That you must not be meant to exercise because you lack the desire, motivation and the time. What if… Continue reading Brain Hacking: Shift your thinking to becoming consistent with healthy eating and exercise

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Pumpkin Protein Muffins with Chocolate Chips

I know it's just July but I am on a PUMPKIN KICK! I think around summertime I always get antsy and anxious for fall weather and all things fall! I LOVE the fall season - pumpkin everything, the leaves start to change, football, cooler temps in the morning, you name it. Now don't get me… Continue reading Pumpkin Protein Muffins with Chocolate Chips