3-27-19 workout of the day

Hi guys! Wow it has been a while since I have written anything and I am so sorry for that! I am getting married May 5th and so I've just been prepping everything for the wedding, and I have been out of town the past few weekends and things have just been so crazy with… Continue reading 3-27-19 workout of the day


Simple shoulder + a little back day

Currently my workout split is: Monday: Chest/core/sometimes SPRINTTuesday: Back/core/SPRINT if I did not do it the day beforeWednesday: cardio - I teach sprint and sometimes some leg work after/beforeThursday: cardio -  I teach sprint (sometimes core afterwards)Friday: Shoulders/back/sometimes Sprint if I feel like itSaturday: full rest Sunday: heavy legs. So here is what I do often… Continue reading Simple shoulder + a little back day


shoulder + leg day from this week 9/8/18-9/9/18

Here are 2 workouts from this week. One is completely shoulder/upper focused with some core and the other is lower body/glutes. SHOULDER DAY I always do a quick warmup to elevate body temperature - whether it is 5 mins stairmill or 5 mins walk incline. Then I do arm circles forward/back along with some other… Continue reading shoulder + leg day from this week 9/8/18-9/9/18