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Why I chose to stop drinking…basically all alcohol

We have been trained to tolerate and to accept drinking as the norm. Commercials, tv shows and movies all portray getting drunk and having hangovers and having a drink every single day as normal and even "healthy". Red wine gives us "healthy doses" of resveratrol - all things I used to (and wanted to) believe… Continue reading Why I chose to stop drinking…basically all alcohol

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Scoliosis: Exercises to do and not to do (through my own trial and error)

I was diagnosed with lumbar scoliosis in 7th grade, around 28 degree curvature. I did ballet all growing up so ballet helped keep me strong to a degree as well as flexible. Now I am approaching 35 years old and have been weight training for over ten years and want to share what I have… Continue reading Scoliosis: Exercises to do and not to do (through my own trial and error)

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MACROS 101: How I Calculate Macros for Clients and Myself for a Tight, Fit Body!

So, you are new to this weight-lifting, weight-loss or muscle-gain program and I get how confusing it can be when it comes to HOW MUCH and WHAT to eat. You can't just eat whatever you want and train because you are not going to get the results you so badly want. DIET AND NUTRITION are… Continue reading MACROS 101: How I Calculate Macros for Clients and Myself for a Tight, Fit Body!


Gluten-Free Pumpkin Protein Pancakes – DELICIOUS

I am not sure if there is anything better than a leisure morning where you perhaps slept in a little (that would be around 6 am for me LOL), made your coffee and drank it slowly, took a walk and then made an amazing breakfast like these pancakes. Sounds like my favorite way to start… Continue reading Gluten-Free Pumpkin Protein Pancakes – DELICIOUS


Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Cookies with Protein

It's a new week, and it's feeling like fall outside so it's the perfect time to get festive with your baking. That means adding pumpkin to EVERYTHING of course! It's hard for me to get through a day without some time of treat - but I need the treat to have nutritional properties, so what… Continue reading Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Cookies with Protein

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Frayed Hip Labrum Pt 2

Good morning everyone! I thought I would do a post on my current frayed labrum situation and update you all since I last posted here. It has been just over five weeks since I last took a ballet class, and just over three weeks since I was on the Peloton bike. I am on week… Continue reading Frayed Hip Labrum Pt 2



More cookie recipes! These chunky cookies are loaded with so much goodness and are the perfect afternoon treat or healthy post-dinner dessert. Made without refined sugar or gluten, you will not have a sugar crash or feel the need to eat tons of these. You should feel satisfied with just 1 or 2 cookies. They… Continue reading CHUNKY MONKEY COOKIES



I am still on the quest to perfect a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. These are getting there! My goal is to figure out how to make the cookies more GOOEY and creamy rather than cake-like. These cookies are made only with almond flour, protein powder, and a handful of other ingredients. They are incredibly satisfying!… Continue reading YUMMY GUILT-FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES