Leg Day 11/25/18

Warmup...I always warmup for leg day for 5-10 minutes by doing walking lunges or standing reverse lunges with bodyweight, bodyweight squats, leg swings, and static stretching. Then I get to the squat rack and do a few more warmup sets with lighter weight before I start my working sets. BACK SQUATS 4 warmup sets 5… Continue reading Leg Day 11/25/18


shoulder + leg day from this week 9/8/18-9/9/18

Here are 2 workouts from this week. One is completely shoulder/upper focused with some core and the other is lower body/glutes. SHOULDER DAY I always do a quick warmup to elevate body temperature - whether it is 5 mins stairmill or 5 mins walk incline. Then I do arm circles forward/back along with some other… Continue reading shoulder + leg day from this week 9/8/18-9/9/18