Prime Rib Beef Stew

This recipe calls for leftover prime rib. We cooked a huge 15 lb rib roast over Christmas so we ended up with lots of leftovers. If you made prime rib (I donโ€™t have a recipe for this so just google how to do so if you want to make it), and you have leftovers, then… Continue reading Prime Rib Beef Stew

Main Dishes, Soup

Egyptian Red Lentil Soup (primal)

I LOVE this soup so much. It's loaded with fiber from the lentils and veggies, it's filling, it's delicious, and it's inexpensive to make. I decided to add some extra protein by cutting up sausage links from Whole Foods and cooking them on the stove. The andouille sausage was a great addition to this soup.… Continue reading Egyptian Red Lentil Soup (primal)