3-27-19 workout of the day

Hi guys! Wow it has been a while since I have written anything and I am so sorry for that! I am getting married May 5th and so I’ve just been prepping everything for the wedding, and I have been out of town the past few weekends and things have just been so crazy with my own life, workouts and meal prepping that I have not made time to post or blog or work much on my website. I will be glad once the wedding has come and gone and I can get back to WORK!

After finally recovering from my elbow tendinitis which was both tennis and golfer’s elbow, I am able to train upper body again and it’s SO good to be back to normal! I keep up with my forearm firing exercises to keep them strong so that my tendons don’t take the brunt of my workouts. If any of you ever deal with any kind of elbow tendinitis feel free to reach out and I can point you in the direction of who helped me as well as the basic exercises I do for scapular stabilization as well as the forearm firing exercises, all of which I learned from Eugene Teo (he has a website you can find him online).

Surprisingly, after taking 8 full weeks off from all upper body I am still able to do 11 pull-ups in a row unbroken! I did, of course, ease back into all upper body work and I didn’t just immediately jump into full blown unassisted pull-ups. I started off with 1 upper body session a week (now I am doing 2 or at most 3).


1 K meter row, max effort. Rest 30 seconds. x 3 sets

Then 4 rounds:

10 forward/10 backward BEAR CRAWL

10 burpee pullups

20 KBS (I used 45#)

Then 3 rounds:

(machine) Incline pull x 8-10 reps

lat pulldowns (I did 8 reps with a pause at the contraction phase)

Handstand pushups (3-6 reps each round or as many as you can get, may sub overhead shoulder press in place or regular pushups)

lateral raises x 15-20 reps

Oblique focus side bends 15 reps (25-30#)

My morning fuel consisted of 1/2 protein waffle, 1 medjool date, coffee and 1/2 serving protein/water before and the other 1/2 serving post workout. For early AM workouts i always fuel with protein + water and some type of carbs so that my body has the energy it needs to perform. I also consume a meal 30 mins – 1 hour after workout consisting of more protein + carbs and maybe small amount of fats.

LUNCH: tuna salad made with pole caught tuna, avocado mayo, dill weed, salt, pepper; kimchi, rice, steamed green beans and broccoli, roasted carrots (I roast them in bulk on weekends), hummus, and organic roasted potatoes with organic ketchup (these were leftover potatoes)


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