Leg day: 12/2/18

Here we are again…every week! Today I was not really feeling it tbh but I pushed through and went lighter on my squats and just focused on form but still pushed hard. Be sure and always warm up properly – bodyweight squats, bodyweight lunges, hip bridges and stretching! Then do a couple of warmup sets with a lighter weight for whichever exercise you do first. I believe today I completed about 633 total reps of lower body work – excluding the split squat holds! Don’t forget to fuel afterwards – I prefer 25 g immediately protein along with 25-40 g quick digesting carbs (rice cake) and then 1 hour after that I have an additional 25 grams protein, more carbs, and a huge salad/veggie.

Barbell back squats 2 warmup sets then 4 working sets: 2×10 115#, 1×6 135# immediately dropped weight and did 1×6 125#, final set of 1×10 125#

Bulgarian split squats 4 total working sets. 2×20 with 15# DBs, 2×15 with 20# DBS. Notice below how my depth is at least to parallel each round to fully engage glutes.

4x 25-30 seconds each leg Bulgarian split squat “holds” (see below)

4×20 deficit sumo squats with KB (45 and 50#). I like to stand on 2 identical benches and grab the KB from below and do 20 “pulse” type squats mainly for glutes

Hamstring curls 4x 15, 12, 10, 10 + 2 sets single leg curls. My weight varies from 65-80#

Seated abduction 4x 20,15,15,12 increase weight each round, my weight varies from 130-150#

Finish with about 150 bodyweight walking lunges + 4×25 reps weighted hip bridge.


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