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Weekly Grocery Shopping: MAKE YOUR LIST!

Hey guys!!! So I know some of you may be curious about how to shop for two people (or one) for a week of meals! It’s taken me some trial and error, but, I think I finally got it down! I like to grocery shop for the week on Saturday or Sunday. I do the shopping for my boyfriend and me and here is what I do:

  1. Plan for 2 dinners and 1 lunch for Monday-Friday. For example, this past week I planned for the Shepherd’s pie for dinner Sunday-Wednesday and gluten free clean lasagna for Thurs-Saturday (or even longer-we are making the lasagna tonight and may have food through Sunday). I did crockpot Asian chicken for our lunches and that was probably 5.5 pounds of chicken breast equaling 10 meals (maybe even 5.7#-for really hearty lunches-lots of protein!).
  2. OK so now that you have planned TWO dinners: buy the ingredients for both. Yes it will seem like a lot and this takes planning and time but this is so healthy and good for you to be prepared. I know how busy we get during the week so having ingredients to make a meal on Wednesday or Thursday is so helpful. Like I said, we planned for the Shepherd’s pie and clean lasagna so we got everything for both meals! There are so many options of food though and I will keep posting my recipes to keep you all inspired about cooking delicious food that is healthful!
    1. Note that I pick out what meats I want but usually it’s 5+ pounds of chicken breast (do not buy tyson or sanderson farms or other crap chicken please try to get local or organic or pasture raised birds), 1-2 pounds grassfed beef or something like that. Or we will get salmon. I don’t do much fish though because it cannot be trusted but that is another blog for another time. Wild alaskan salmon is the way to go or WF farmed salmon is actually fine as you can read here – I trust them and their methods.
  3. I buy 10 organic apples. I love apples as a snack at work so I have 1 per day and so does Brian. 10 seems like a lot (and yes it’s probably $12 of apples but this is my health so IDC) but then you do not have to grocery shop later in the week nor get hungry at work. Apples are awesome. Buy tons!
  4. 1 bag of organic rice cakes. I take a rice cake to work almost every day now and I also bring a small jar of almond butter and sometimes 1/2 banana (for workout days) and I make a rice cake and nut butter snack at work. If this doesn’t work for you, make the rice cake at home and put it in a tupperware container (the sandwich style ones). Also, get you a bigger cooler/lunchbox. I love fitmark ones!
  5. 2 dozen organic eggs. Brian and I love eggs and I, alone, eat probably 10 per week! I boil about 8-10 on Sunday and have them ready to grab. I always bring an egg as a snack to work!
  6. TONS of bananas. Literally. I get two huge bunches! I take some (I prefer them to be slightly spotty) and tear them in half after I peel them and I freeze a whole bunch to be ready for protein shakes in the morning. I also keep some on the counter and take a half of one (put other half in fridge) and I will eat that on my rice cake with nut butter as a treat! But seriously. I buy a ton of bananas. They are so cheap too so there is no reason not to – try freezing them for sure as it makes your protein shake cold and thick!
  7. It’s always good to have a roasted chicken on hand. But be careful: start to read the ingredients labels on those chickens. I won’t buy them from anywhere except WHOLE FOODS because all other roasted chickens have a plethora of ingredients and I am like WTF!?!?!? This should JUST BE CHICKEN, SEA SALT AND PEPPER. WHAT IS THE DEAL. So go read your labels y’all…we can’t process that crap so get your butt to Whole Foods – their roasted chickens are 6.99 for non-organic and 11.99 for organic. I like the naked ones or salt and pepper. Great fresh clean protein on hand. Whole Foods’ meat is responsibly farmed and that’s why I get my meat there. Just get over the prices you may think are high – this is your health! Start treating your body like a temple and feeding it great foods and you will be rewarded.
  8. VEGGIES! OMG I buy so much broccoli. I probably get 3-4# broccoli for 10 lunches and I steam it. I also go ahead and buy 2 bags of brussels sprouts and a huge chunk of asparagus too. That way I have plenty of veggies to have with dinner throughout the week. Just buy a ton, y’all! Also it’s good to grab a huge bag of organic baby carrots to snack on too! I force feed myself with these – so good for your skin and eyes! Easy mindless snack to get your VITAMIN A! Get cauliflower too – awesome to make cauliflower mashed potatoes and other amazing things – but again, plan your dinners so that you have set meals and not just a ton of food that will go bad! **note how I store my asparagus in picture below – in a cup of water! This helps them stay fresh for days and days! Try it!!
  9. 10 sweet potatoes. They don’t go bad! I eat them like crazy too so NOW when I shop I buy 8-10 at a time. Scrub them before you cook ’em and make my MASH here.
  10. SPINACH: I get the HUGE container of the Organic Girl brand – we use handfuls of spinach in our morning protein shakes post workout. EASY WAY to get extra veggies in and also it will help clear you out! 😉
  11. At least 7 lemons! We steam asparagus and squeeze half a lemon on it so I usually buy 8-10 lemons per week now!
  12. 1 JAR ALMOND BUTTER 1 JAR PEANUT BUTTER. Or, just stock up!! When it’s on sale I buy 2 or more of each! I go to Trader Joe’s once every few weeks and get a ton! Make sure you get organic peanut butter. I don’t buy organic almond butter because that sh*t is $$$ and let’s be real I can’t be perfect and I don’t make buckets of money and regular almonds are better than no almonds at all. Organic peanut butter isn’t as pricey and peanuts ARE heavily sprayed with pesticides so do choose organic.
  13. EGG WHITES: I like to put egg whites in my oatmeal for extra protein. I get 1 small container of pasture-raised or organic egg whites and that lasts for 2 people for a week or longer depending on how much oatmeal I am making.
  14. RICE. 1 bag of organic jasmine (currently my fav) lasts probably 2 weeks. So I get rice every other week. I cook 2 cups of rice and divide that amongst 10 meals.
  15. OATS. I get organic, regular oats (not quick cook) and steel cut. I mix them both together to make my amazing oatmeal  . I often have shakes for breakfast during the week so lately my oats last a few weeks!
  16. SPICES: I keep organic cinnamon, cayenne pepper, Himalayan sea salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, on hands at all times. Stock up on CINNAMON and put that in your shakes because it boosts your metabolism. I will write a blog soon on that!
  17. COCONUT OIL-organic extra virgin: I get mine from Sam’s. Lately I buy TWO 54 ounce tubs at a time and that lasts 2 months. I cook with this stuff yall and put it all over my body! You should too!
  18. BALSAMIC VINEGAR: Keep this on hand for roasting brussels or broccoli. Get organic or some kind from a health food store as I have noticed there are crazy ingredients in it too, sometimes. So disappointing. Why is there so much JUNK in our food? Infuriates me.
  19. BRAGG’S ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Get y’all a huge bottle. It’s literally $6.39 at Whole Foods and one large bottle lasts a long time. A few months. Take sips 3x per day. See amazing things happen. LOVE this stuff!!
  20. Hummus, Salsa, Avocados: I keep tons of avocados (avocados do not have to be organic. See my list) on hand now. They are so good for you. Pick them when they are semi-soft or you can buy them kind of green and put them in a paper bag with bananas and they both ripen each other (cool, right?!) I buy 3-5 avocados and eat a few halves per week. Clean hummus y’all, read the ingredients and make sure it’s either organic or that it only has garbanzo beans and olive oil and limited other kinds of inflammatory oils like canola. Hummus can be eaten with your carrots as a snack!! We always, also, have salsa (ORGANIC) on hand! It’s cheap at Publix but we usually stock up at WF or wherever, really. Just get organic. Start reading labels. Salsa is good with eggs and/or avocado! I like hot salsa!
  21. Organic chia seeds. Getcha some. It will last a while – a few weeks at least. Try to eat 2 tablespoons a few days a week. So good for you.
  22. Pure olive oil – I love this brand – California Olive Ranch – and it’s pretty cheap at Publix and also Target! A lot of olive oils are mixed of CRAP OILS and you have to be so careful about which brand you buy! So don’t buy cheap olive oil. Also, I don’t fry anything with olive oil I only use it for salads or for roasting veggies.
  23. MUSTARD: Get Dijon mustard, spicy German, etc.! Just have this on hand – great to dip chicken in! Or honey mustard from WHOLE FOODS as it’s got less than 1 g of sugar and is made with good ingredients. The 365 brand. Get it!!
  24. KERRYGOLD BUTTER. Keep this on hand for roasting sweet potatoes and for cooking along with the coconut oil.
  25. Organic Tea: I love to keep organic tea on hand – chamomile is great – to make while at work or to have at home before bed. Get a few different ones! Hot tea is great after meals, too! Helps digestion.
  26. FROZEN FRUIT!!! Organic strawberries, blueberries, mango. Only strawberries need to be organic but if you have the means to buy all organic then sure do it. I love frozen fruit for protein shakes in the morning! It also doesn’t go bad like regular fresh fruit.
  27. Water bottle. Seriously if you don’t have one, go get one. While you’re at it, get stainless steel because plastic is bad for you and if you drink water constantly all day like I do, well, drinking it out of plastic is not ideal. I love my 32 ounce hydroflask. Get one on Amazon or Whole Foods. Fill that baby up 4x per day – yes you will pee a lot but you will feel SO GOOD! (4 X fill up = 1 gallon)

Print this out and go shopping!!! Plan your week and you will be so thankful you did! Having tons of fresh healthy food on hand is the key to success y’all! Get rid of the junk – throw it away, seriously, go do it now – and fill your fridge and pantry with the above items and you will be set to finding and maintaining your dream body.

**NOTE: Eating clean of course continues through the weekend. Usually we go to the grocery store and get stuff for dinner on Saturday night and do a fancy dinner at home like a meat with veggies or something – or go out to eat at a good restaurant – the issue is during the week when we are most busy so that is why I stress meal prepping for those days first and foremost!**








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