Meal Prep


It’s time to do another updated version of this! I have become a pro at weekly grocery shopping, so I will discuss what I buy each weekend to ensure my fridge and kitchen are stocked with tons of clean food that I need and eat during the week.

THINGS I BUY (almost) EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK from Whole Foods: (let’s not forget now I purchase pasture raised bones as well from farmers market for bone broth!)

  • 1 huge container of organic spinach
  • 7-10 lemons
  • 10 organic apples
  • 3-5 # broccoli (not organic)
  • asparagus (not organic)
  • 4 bags of brussels (not organic)
  • avocados
  • garlic
  • onions (good to toss in crockpot with chicken or pork)
  • organic celery and baby carrots (snacks)
  • blueberries (not organic-I eat these with my oatmeal)
  • bananasΒ (tons-I freeze some as well)
  • 10 sweet potatoes
  • organic oats and steel cut oats
  • 2-3 rice cake bags (plain, lightly salted or no salt..whichever.)
  • 2 dozen eggs (organic/pasture raised)
  • organic egg whites
  • 2 large packs of chicken – 10 breasts total
  • 1-2 # grassfed beef
  • 1 # pork (these meats vary depending on what I am cooking for dinner)
  • wild caught salmon (I buy frozen because it’s cheaper and still healthy – I eat salmon once a week at least)
  • organic jasmine rice (white – I do not eat brown rice as it is hard on digestive system!)
  • organic full fat canned coconut milk (good to have on hand)
  • chia seeds (I always have these on hand)
  • grassfed butter
  • organic coffee; valerian bedtime tea
  • St. Dalfour preserves, pear has the least sugar (I eat a little of this with my rice cake/almond butter – it’s seriously my dessert/treat of the day)
  • organic ACV and balsamic vinegar (does not have to be organic but purchase from WF or be sure to read label sometimes caramel color is added – yuck)
  • spices: cayenne, garlic powder, paprika, cinnamon, chili powder, sea salt/pink salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes (I use these daily on sweet potatoes/brussels, etc.)
  • Frozen fruit: organic (always) strawberries, blueberries (not organic), frozen pineapple, mango (I make shakes with these or my protein ice cream!)
  • almond butter (3 jars of 365 brand – nothing in it but almonds)
  • I get organic peanut butter from Target but I don’t eat this often anymore – I eat almond butter instead but I do buy organic smuckers as it’s good to have on hand
  • Organic coconut oil in 54 ounce container– I buy this once a month from Walmart
  • Occasional snacks/treats: PERFECT BARS – go try peanut butter, almond butter and fruit and nut and they have new flavors coming out too!
  • If I want a sweet treat – organic dark chocolate, Theo’s is my fav brand
  • Olive oil – cheapest from Publix (or maybe walmart too) I like Olive Ranch
  • I always have good local honey on hand
  • Organic dark maple syrup
  • Bubbie’s sauerkraut – probiotic!
  • Sometimes I keep cans of tuna on hand for quick snack on occasion – always get pole caught and avoid eating more than 2x a week

And that is pretty much it! My breakfast ranges from a protein shake with Julian bakery paleo protein/oats/fruit to oatmeal with almond butter and egg whites and chia seeds; sometimes I will have scrambled eggs as well. Lunches and dinners vary but it’s always some kind of clean meat and usually sweet potato fries or baked sweet potato because it’s my favorite carb and it’s so easy to digest and they are so good for you. I always eat broccoli, brussels or asparagus at least once a day so I buy tons of those!!

It may seem pricey at first but this way you have purchased all your food (just about) for the week! This also is enough grocery for two people – this lasts us until Thursday or Friday and then we usually have to run by the store again for something for dinner! But these are the staples.

I hope this is helpful on your next trip to the grocery store. Being prepared is key. Now, this weekend go and clean out your pantry and fridge – toss out anything with chemicals! It’s junk! Just throw it away, go to the grocery store and be disciplined and dedicated and stick to eating these clean foods! Your body will thank you. As well as your self-confidence!!! πŸ™‚



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