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Meal Prep: tips & tricks


I have been doing meal prep for YEARS! Ever since I started eating clean in 2011. Meal prep is awesome because we all lead such busy lives! Devoting Sunday to my meals isn’t only necessary, I love it! I wouldn’t do my life any other way. I live and breathe this lifestyle and meal prepping is completely necessary with a full time job. Below are my tips for what I have found works best for me (and my boyfriend, I meal prep for both of us). It’s SO important that you are prepared with meals and snacks to make it through the week!

On Sunday I will make a huge batch of organic rice and I make the sweet potato mash that I recently posted about. I also wash a ton of organic apples so that they’re ready to grab for snacks during the week. I put some kind of meat in the crockpot and I’ll mix the meat (after its cooked) with either the sweet potatoes or rice. I also steam a huge pot of veggies, usually broccoli and/or asparagus.

For dinner: I cook 1 meal that will last at least three dinners–so that gives us (Brian and myself) at least through Wednesday with a dinner ready. We always have veggies ready to roast with dinner too! Roasting veggies takes no time so we don’t mind doing that after work. It seriously takes like 20 mins and you can eat as many veggies as you want so why the heck not?! I aim for 6-7 servings of veggies per day.

We also buy and plan dinners for the second half of the week (at least until the weekend). So, for example, this week we decided to do stuffed bell peppers for Sunday-Tuesday, and we got a whole chicken to roast with carrots, onions and veggies for Wednesday & Thursday.

Snacks! My snacks at work are usually hard boiled eggs (which I also boil on Sunday), organic rice cakes with organic peanut butter or almond butter + 1/2 chopped banana, and organic apples (apples are on the dirty dozen!). Raw baby carrots are also great to grab and munch on in between meals at work!

So that’s how I do it! Don’t forget to drink tons of water. I carry my 32 oz stainless steel (plastic = bad) and I drink at least 1 gallon daily! Get into this habit-best thing you can do for yourself!!! Your skin will thank you! Also, if you happen to not bring enough snacks (which happens to me sometimes especially on days I workout super hard), just remember it’s OK to be hungry for an hour or two! I promise you won’t die. Just drink your water or make some hot organic tea and you’ll make it til you get home. Promise!

Also! I ONLY heat my lunches up in GLASS!!! So in this picture you may see some plastic containers (only because we don’t have 10 glass ones), I will dump out the food in the plastic container and put it on a microwave safe plate at work. I’ll never microwave plastic-chemicals will leach into the food no matter what they may say OR if it’s “bpa free”. Choose glass 🙂 target has a great selection for cheap!

Eat clean and train hard y’all! Let’s start Monday out right! Who ever regretted eating well?? #dirtcleanfood



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