Daily Cleanse: Lemon Water

Happy Monday!!! Today is a good day to tell you all about my morning ritual that I’ve done every day since summer 2011. I never ever miss a morning of this–even when I travel I carry lemons and cayenne pepper with me!

  1. Upon waking: Take a large mug and fill with purified water
  2. Microwave for about one minute
  3. Squeeze in 1/2 FRESH lemon juice
  4. 1 tbsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar
  5. A dash of cayenne
  6. Drink quickly, followed by regular water as well!

This daily drink helps to cleanse the liver and rid the body of toxins. The cayenne boosts your metabolism and gets things going – It also wakes you up in the morning! I do not eat or drink (besides plain water) for at least 30 minutes after I drink this.

That’s it! This is one of the easiest, best things you can do for yourself upon waking. We are very dehydrated first thing in the morning as we obviously have been asleep (and not drinking water).ย This is why it’s so important to wake up and drink warm lemon water, followed by a large glass of regular water (I prefer room temperature) to make sure you hydrate your body!

I promise you won’t regret it! *note: if you have sensitive teeth or feel that the acidity is too much (although it should be ok since it’s diluted with 10+ ounces of water, I use big mugs like the one pictured below), you can drink this out of a straw instead!



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