Healthy and Light Greek Salad

Happy 4TH OF JULY! What a Monday it has been. I started my morning early, at 5 AM, with lemon water, coffee, stretching and 40 minutes of reading before I did a couple walks with Cooper. At 7 AM sharp I watched live stream as the University of Alabama demolished the Tutwiler dorms, where I… Continue reading Healthy and Light Greek Salad

Crockpot, Main Dishes

Shredded pork plate

This is a go-to because of how simple, delicious, filling and nutritious it is! You can use chicken breasts or get a pork shoulder and use a crockpot to slow cook the meat and then add whatever toppings you want. Sometimes we will use sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced thin and bake them so they're… Continue reading Shredded pork plate

Holiday, Main Dishes

Pulled Pork Tacos + mango pineapple salsa

Few things are more delicious than slow cooked, high quality pork, shredded to perfection. I am going to share this EASY recipe with you all. You can eat it plain, on organic corn taco shells, stuffed in a roasted sweet potato, however you'd like! For an 8# pork, this will make about 10 servings. Ingredients:… Continue reading Pulled Pork Tacos + mango pineapple salsa