Dirt Clean Kitchen



This is my EAT CLEAN KITCHEN! I live a gluten-free, refined sugar-free and mostly dairy-free lifestyle.

Do you struggle to lose weight? Struggle with maintaining a healthy weight? Sick of feeling tired, low energy, depressed and bad about yourself? Do you have issues “eliminating” daily? Do you want brighter skin and more energy? Do you want to anti-age daily and be fit for life? The beauty of eating clean and following what I call a “dirt clean” lifestyle is that you can eat so much food and you are not deprived.

Eating clean is eliminating processed food, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar and grains, as well as eliminating meat and dairy filled with antibiotics and hormones from factory farmed animals.

Once you start cooking your own food and learning how to shop in a grocery store and how to read labels, you will start to feel amazing and see results, and this all becomes second nature. The weight will start to fall off. You will become more “regular”. Our bodies are not designed to digest and eat chemicals. Step away from the aisles of processed junk in the grocery store. Refuse the donuts and the cake (it’s pure sugar and bleached flour! YUCK). Stop eating fast food. Stop eating candy. You are basically eating chemicals and AGING yourself every step of the way.

Start fueling your body with the nutrition it needs! Check out the recipes below: