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Frayed Hip Labrum Pt 2

Good morning everyone! I thought I would do a post on my current frayed labrum situation and update you all since I last posted here. It has been just over five weeks since I last took a ballet class, and just over three weeks since I was on the Peloton bike. I am on week 3 of weekly physical therapy. It has also been just over two weeks since I got the steroid injected into my hip as well and I can say that I honestly feel better, FINALLY! Not better as in 100% of course, but, better as in I am able to take walks without noticeable pain and I am able to complete tasks in a day without too much pain (perhaps pain between 1-3 at most in a given day instead of 5-7). I take very little ibuprofen and I do my physical therapy exercises daily (as instructed). I also see my PT 2x weekly.

The physical therapist thinks my scoliosis may have something to do with the fact that it’s my R hip instead of my L (and also I am a righty when it comes to fouettés in ballet/extensions/turns – so it has been worked more than left). The right side of my back, though, due to my scoliosis is weaker than the left. The muscles haven’t been firing well and so this definitely could have played a role in the dysfunction of the right hip. Everything she makes me do at PT is so helpful! We do a lot of pilates reformer as well as similar exercises that I list below.

My spine. My curve actually is to the left, this is view from the front. 28 degrees lumbar curvature

Exercises I have been doing for my hip (to get the glute and hamstring firing again, which apparently “turned off” after the hip injury) include:

  • Bodyweight (to start) clamshells, then adding 1-3# ankle weight to the knee
  • Inverted clamshell (bodyweight first, then 1-3# added to ankle)
  • Full clamshell (lifting the knee/ankle at the same time)
  • Prone straight leg raises (glute squeeze)
  • Ball squeezes (in hip bridge formation)
  • Ball hip bridges
  • Single leg hip bridges
  • Side laying straight leg lifts (glute)
  • Side laying straight leg lifts (adductor focus)
  • Half/partial squats (only after I started feeling better)
  • Standing Light Band abduction + kickback

All of these have been so helpful in getting the muscles around my hip to start working correctly again! I shared them with you all incase any of you deal with a similar pain/problem. These are the therapy exercises that have helped me tremendously. I do them 1-3x daily for 1-3 sets each just depending. I had been doing similar exercises prior to starting PT, but, I was not focusing enough on getting the muscle to actually work properly which my PT pointed out. It’s helpful to have someone watch your form, even for me as a TRAINER…because sometimes we think we are engaging an area but we actually are not.

I am just so happy to finally feel that I am getting better and hopefully by the end of August I can do more of my regular activities (not ballet, but maybe easy cycling or jogging or rower machine). I certainly do not want this injury to ever happen again or get inflamed again, if I can help it, so I plan to do everything as best as I can and follow all orders of the physical therapist. I’ve been going to Agile PT which specializes in dance medicine here in Birmingham and I have been working with the owner who is brilliant and has been crucial and so helpful for my recovery! If you are a dancer I highly recommend them for future needs! In fact, I just got home from my PT session and was informed I could start easy cycling if I want as cardio! So that is exciting!

One other thing – I have been taking collagen for years now however recently heard about a specific type of collagen called fortigel that is supposed to be CRITICAL for athletes as it actually helps to REPAIR cartilage!! My injury is a cartilage injury (frayed labrum – labrum is cartilage at hip joint) so I ordered this collagen called MOMENTOUS and I will try it for a month or 2 and see if I feel a difference! I have been purchasing VITAL PROTEINS (bovine collagen) for years and do love it or Garden of Life (be sure and take vitamin C with this brand or any brand that does not have added VITAMIN C as that helps it absorb), however most collagen brands do not have the added fortigel collagen. I will keep you guys posted if I feel a difference from this special collagen.

On another note related to MINDSET, I have been re-reading David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me because for a while I was feeling very depressed and sad about not only not being able to do ballet or audition for the Nutcracker, but also not being able to train lower body. Training for me is therapy and my stress-reliever. I love training and how it makes me feel so having half of what I can do taken away has been very challenging. I decided I needed to focus a bit more on mental strength and reading this book is a perfect companion to do so. If you have not read it I highly recommend it as we can all learn from Goggins’ mindset. (side note : he tends to curse a lot so if that bothers you be sure to purchase the clean version LOL!)

Some various quotes that also help me include:

There will be days when you feel defeated. There will be walls. There will be roadblocks.

“Figure out how to keep going.”

Be fully present, exactly where you are, doing what you can with what you have.

Give your best all of the time.” (no matter the circumstances)

Ignite the fire and keep going.

Remember: We can choose how we react or respond to obstacles and I am determined to make the best of this situation and learn from it/grow stronger.

If I inspire you or helped you overcome an obstacle or a roadblock with the writings in this post or others, please let me know!


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