My Daily HABITS and Mindset TIPS so you can accomplish more in your day

daily motto: “Wake up and kick ass!”

I want to write about some habits and rules I live by, things that help me accomplish many tasks in the day as well as things that keep me sticking to my workout plan. It’s not about discovering motivation on a daily basis, rather it’s about creating routines and having discipline to carry out the routine without thinking about it or questioning it. Hopefully some of my daily habits can help YOU whether it’s maintaining a workout regimen or helping to clean out a cluttered closet or home or staying on top of housework that tends to pile up!

START SMALL. For example, set daily goals of 15 minutes of exercise. This can be anything from a brisk walk to core work or a few bodyweight exercises performed in a circuit for fifteen minutes. A non-workout example was my new year goal of reading 1 book per month. That is just 12 books for the whole year. Well, I loved getting into my books so much that now I am on book 32 of the year! Also my habit of going to the library to get books gave me a three week deadline to finish the book, and then I found I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of completing a book as well as how it relaxed my brain and helped me feel more productive. Simply reading a few minutes a couple times a day, especially 10-30 minutes at night, is a great start!

SHOW UP. Just BEGIN the workout. This is the MOST CRUCIAL STEP! Once you have shown up to the gym or the workout space or started the walk, you have achieved almost everything! From here on out just execute. Creating this habit of showing up – even when you don’t want to – helps you get one step closer to becoming that person who DOES NOT MISS WORKOUTS. Another similar aspect to showing up is to break down the workout/your focus into something more manageable. Instead of being overwhelmed by the whole thirty-minute or 45 or hour-long workout, take it 1 exercise at a time. From there you can break it down even further and focus on 1 rep at a time – if you have ten reps or 12 reps as the goal, count to 5 and 5 again or count to 6 and another set of 6. I have also heard of a client who counts his reps backwards and that helps him, mentally, get through the task. These simple things can really help change your MINDSET. ALSO…telling yourself over and over again “just do your best” will help tremendously! Wherever you are for the day, if it’s running on little sleep or little food or whatever it may be just do your BEST. What will that look like? Showing up to the workout, having a GOOD and POSITIVE attitude, counting your blessings rather than things that are wrong, and focusing on what your body CAN do rather than what it cannot do. All of these tips are sure to create a more positive atmosphere for a successful workout.

TIMING. When I have a gap of time during the day or in the evening I will often challenge myself by setting a 15 or 20 minute timer (not much time, right?) and I rush about the house accomplishing as many tidying things/cleaning as possible. Gather up all the laundry, start a load, fold any remaining clothing, tidy up Cooper’s toys (the dog lol), put up or clean any dishes, etc. etc. Try this out and make it a game! I also have a rule where I cannot relax in the house until all chores have been completed. If the kitchen is a mess or the bathroom or the bedroom is not tidy with things put up and the bed made, I will not sit down or relax until everything is in its place. This rule has been game-changing (although it’s less of a rule and more of just how I am genetically as a person lol; I am literally unable to relax if the house is not tidy) – it certainly keeps my house almost pristine at all times!

CALENDAR YOUR DAY. Similar to “timing”, I put everything in my iPhone calendar. From each client I train to my planned workouts or errands, it’s all in my phone. Especially on a busy day of clients I have to be able to look at my day and plan out when I can eat, when I will be able to walk Cooper, when I will do my workout, shower, errands, etc. Having everything in blocks of 30 mins to 1-hour blocks is SO HELPFUL to keep my day structured and productive. I often even stick in my calendar when I have time to read, I will block out that time as dedicated reading hour (or if I am lucky such as on a slow weekend, 1-2 HOURS! LOL).

AVOID CLUTTER BY WHEN YOU BUY – YOU DONATE. If you have excess clothing and also limited space this rule is SO necessary! Any time you buy shoes or clothing you should go through your closet or drawers and find a couple of things to donate or toss. I am sure you will be able to find something you no longer wear nor do you even like. This will help you prevent clutter and buildup in the house. If we are always accumulating THINGS and STUFF and never PURGING, we will end up with way too much stuff! Also, think twice before buying things. Perhaps wait a couple of days and if you still want the item THEN go back and get it (within reason). Try not to impulse shop! If you have a shopping problem and you shop on your phone I suggest deleting apps and deleting saved CC info! And then cut up those CCs!

AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA TIME-SUCKS BY ONLY ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE ON THOSE APPS WHILE YOU ARE WALKING OR PLANKING. Trust me, this works! I have rules for myself that I can’t just aimlessly get on Instagram or Facebook unless I am in a plank or on a walk! That way I am accomplishing something physical and not just wasting time in the day. Nothing worse than wasting 30 mins a few times throughout the day by just mindlessly scrolling social media. You could have done a workout in that time!! I take 15-20 min walks multiple times a day mainly because of our dog Cooper who desperately requires the exercise but also because it makes me feel good and energize to get up and take a walk outside! A great habit to get into!

DON’T PROCRASTINATE. IF YOU MUST PROCRASTINATE, AT LEAST BREAK THE TASK UP INTO SMALL BITS AT A TIME. For example on the REGULAR my washing machine is slowly filled with laundry – either clothing or towels and when it’s full or almost full I run the load. This way I stay on TOP of laundry and it does not accumulate too much. I also IMMEDIATELY take the clothes out of the dryer and put them on the bed and separate them into “his” and “hers” piles, as well as sort out the socks and underwear. All in separate piles. If I do not have time right away to put my clothes up, I never skip the step of separating everything out because then it makes putting up the clothes that much quicker. Usually I have some time though so I start with easier items – putting up undies, socks with their mates and putting those up, and then I will fold and sort the remaining clothes (and at the very end I get to my husband’s clothes because I am just faster and more efficient at the task than he is I just do it myself).

OTHER HABITS TO BREAK…AND GOOD ONES TO CREATE: Stop comparing yourself to others. Your only competition is WHO YOU WERE YESTERDAY…try to just be better than that person! Do YOUR BEST. Focus on saying “I am” affirmations such as “I am a boss!”, “I am BEAUTIFUL”, “I am strong!”, “I am organized and productive”, “I am worthy!” DO This every day and it will become habit and then you can basically manifest these positive affirmations. Stop saying negative things to yourself. Negative thoughts and outlook will MOST CERTAINLY manifest a negative, nasty life. We do not want that sh*t!! Find a cute pic of you from when you were a little child and put that picture up and look at it daily anytime you say something bad to yourself, you are speaking to that kid! You wouldn’t say nasty things to a little child so why do you do it to yourself? BE YOUR OWN IDOL AND YOUR BEST CHEERLEADER!


I hope some of these tips were helpful to you or inspiring. Now do what you can to incorporate some of them into your daily routine. Even if you just take one tidbit I shared, that is a win! Get a notebook and jot down some of these tips. They truly help me attack my day and stay on top of my to-do list as well as maintain a positive outlook.


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