I currently am dealing with a mild case of tennis elbow and golfers elbow…basically a lot of tendonitis in my elbow so I am resting upper body for a while and not using my grip as much as possible. It’s been going on for a couple of months off and on so I really want to get rid of it before the new year and that will require discipline on my behalf with RESTING….and that’s so hard for me. So lots of leg work and cycling it is! That being said…

Here is a lower body workout you can mix in during the week along with a weighted leg workout! Try 4-5 rounds of 10-20 reps each depending on your fitness level.

Step ups. Press through heel and don’t use momentum. Also, do not collapse down onto the floor…try to lower (eccentric phase) with control!

Standing reverse lunges. Keep bodyweight forward over front leg – front leg is the working leg. Keep weight in heel and think about GLUTES and DEPTH

bodyweight squats. Weight in heels, sick hips down and back, knees open and in line with toes. watch how my chest stays lifted the whole time -there is no seesaw motion with upper body

Forward lunge/Side lunge 10/10.

Step downs. Slow and controlled – hips go down and back, weight in heels, go as low as you can

Bulgarian split squats

Try this out and let me know how it goes. You can totally add some DBs to any of these!!! Start lighter and go heavier with each round to really amp up the workout!

With lots of glute training and single leg work, you will eventually master a pistol squat!

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