Simple shoulder + a little back day

Currently my workout split is:

  • Monday: Chest/core/sometimes SPRINT
  • Tuesday: Back/core/SPRINT if I did not do it the day before
  • Wednesday: cardio – I teach sprint and sometimes some leg work after/before
  • Thursday: cardio –  I teach sprint (sometimes core afterwards)
  • Friday: Shoulders/back/sometimes Sprint if I feel like it
  • Saturday: full rest 
  • Sunday: heavy legs.

So here is what I do often on a shoulder day…

I always start with heavier movements – which is frequently standing barbell OH press or a seated DB press. I will do 2 warmup sets and then 4 working sets of 8-10. I often superset this with seated/standing lateral raises, 4 x max reps (to failure). Sometimes I will do a tri-set and add in 4×12 face pulls.

Then I move on to seated Arnold press – using lighter weight (20s) I will do 3 or 4 x 10, with a seated rear delt fly and standing upright row – typically one arm at a time for 10-12 reps. I use 10s usually for rear delts (or 12.5s) and 20-30# for upright row depending on how many reps I am doing.

Towards the end of the workout I will do burnout movements such as rear delt cable pulley for 15 reps, and in this particular workout I mixed in some single arm DB rows as well as lat pulldowns – just to hit my back/lats again. I always do at least 3 sets of things and very often 4 or 5.

As a finisher, sometimes I do lighter standing OH DB press – keeping one arm static and extended while pressing the other arm for 4-5 reps, and then work down to 1 rep per side (video below displaying this).

below are some videos of the movements

Seated db press…(sorry for this video quality! And the seat was super wide so the only way to push my feet into the ground was to have my legs spread LOL. Pressing 30s here…)

Here I am simply showing the importance of pulling shoulder blades back and together when performing any back/shoulder work…if you have trouble manipulating these muscles, practice flattening shoulder blades against a wall and also work on stretching out the front – your pecs/chest are likely very tight

Form here is perfect. Flat back, shoulders back and down, stick butt out some..engage abs…keep shoulders engaged too and no rounding of upper body

Completely incorrect and I see this all the time. Please don’t let this be you!

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