Leg Day 11/25/18

Warmup…I always warmup for leg day for 5-10 minutes by doing walking lunges or standing reverse lunges with bodyweight, bodyweight squats, leg swings, and static stretching. Then I get to the squat rack and do a few more warmup sets with lighter weight before I start my working sets.

BACK SQUATS 4 warmup sets 5 reps then 5 working sets of 10-12. Increase weight each round. I did 115,125,135,135 then back down to 115 for 12 reps.

Bulgarian split squats. 3×15 each leg with dumbbells of choice (remember you should want to rest briefly in between legs, otherwise, go heavier or do more reps)

walking lunges + hamstring curls. 3 x 18 walking lunges (2 sets with 25# DBs and 1 set with 30# DBs). I ended up doing 6-8 sets hamstring curls….first set 15 reps then added more weight and did sets of 10-12. then I did a few sets of single leg curls to failure

Sumo deficit squats with KB. I stood on two benches and held a 45# KB straight down and did 3 sets 20 reps going extra low.

Leg extensions + seated abduction. I did 4 sets to failure of leg extensions for 10-15 reps. 3 sets 20-25 seated abduction.

I love to finish leg day with my weighted hip bridges to absolute failure. I put a weight across my lap (use a yoga mat folded up if needed to protect hip bones) and I do 100 reps but take breaks as absolutely necessary. Burns the glutes so good!

Bulgarian split squats


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