shoulder + leg day from this week 9/8/18-9/9/18

Here are 2 workouts from this week. One is completely shoulder/upper focused with some core and the other is lower body/glutes.


I always do a quick warmup to elevate body temperature – whether it is 5 mins stairmill or 5 mins walk incline. Then I do arm circles forward/back along with some other general shoulder mobility such as Y-T-W drills and some actual movements with lighter weights. Then I get into the workout…

5 rounds

  • max reps shoulder press (I used 25# dbs)
  • max reps lateral raise (I used 10# dbs)
  • max reps upright row (I used both 20s and 25s)

4 rounds

  • max reps arnold press (seated and standing, I used 20s and 15s)
  • max reps rear delt fly (10#; about 15 reps)
  • face pulls 12 reps

4 rounds

  • db pushups 12-15 reps
  • db rows for max reps – both 20s and 25s
  • cable external rotation 12-15 reps

10 mins AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 10/10 DB snatch (I used 25# which is a little lighter than normal, with this being the end of the workout I went light)
  • 20 weighted hollow rocks (I used 10# db)

(i got 5 full rounds and left 1:02 on the clock…)

4 rounds

  • db tricep kickback (both 20s and 10s for burnout)
  • 1:00 side plank
  • v ups, tuck ups, bfsu (butterfly sit ups) to failure each!

finish 20 mins incline walk!


I warmup with band work (clamshells, hydrants, bridges) and body weight squats, lunges and stretching. Then I do 3-5 warmup sets back squats – first 10 reps just the barbell (45#), then 5 reps 65#, 5 reps 85#, 5 reps 95#, 5 reps 115#, then work begins…

  • barbell back squat 2 x 5 135, 3×12 105, 2×12 115. I prefer to keep my sets up higher in weight, however, 135 was feeling pretty tough and heavy today so I backed down and increased my reps but kept weight a little more manageable.
  • banded barbell hip thrust. I do a ladder. I work up then back down. 1×15 135, 1×12 155, 1×10 175, 3×10 185, 1×15 155; then 1×10 each leg staggered stance @135# (focuses more on one leg/glute at a time).
  • bulgarian split squats. 2×15 15# dbs; 2×12 20# dbs (videos below demonstrating proper and improper versions)
  • Seated abduction. 4 x 135-155 for 20-30 reps.
  • Leg extensions 4×12-20 @75-90#
  • Calf raises 4×10-20 @130-150#. I add calf training at the end of my workouts 3x weekly.

Post workout is the best time to consume 20-30 g protein with 30 g carbohydrate! And then an hour after that eat another meal consisting of 20-30 g protein and 30 g carbs (if your goal is muscle gain and avoiding muscle breakdown).







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