Lower Body Workout

Here is a lower body workout for you to try this week! This workout starts with heavier back squats as they are the most taxing and challenging on the body so we want to use our energy for those! I tend to do 8-10 working sets of back squats as I like to push my legs and work on strength and endurance. Also, a few of those sets are warmup sets. Following the back squats are hip thrust (great for the glutes and hammies) and heavy goblet squats (which are essentially cardio and really tax the core). Don’t be afraid to go heavier than you think you can…these reps should not be easy! Have fun!

  • BACK SQUAT – work up to 5RM. I did 4 warmup sets (lighter – first just BW, then just barbell, then 65, 85, 95#) then did 10 reps with 105, 115, 125, and 5 with 135#. I then backed down to 115 and did 2 more sets of as many reps as I could get.
  • (banded) Barbell Hip thrust – 5 x 12-15. I used 135-185#. I superset this with 3×8 single leg DL (2 20# DBS)
  • Goblet squats – 4×20 with 50#. 2×12-15 60# Superset 4×20 calf raises (weighted; I did 130#).
  • 3×15 hamstring curl
  • 4×30 second static holds in DL position (helps hip stability, I hold 15-20# KB in front and go down into the RDL position and just hold for 30 seconds; barefoot/in a sock is best).
  • 3 x 20 banded lateral walk
  • 2 x 20 banded glute kickback
  • Finish with a 1 or 1.5 mile run to flush the legs and stretch.

If you don’t own any RESISTANCE bands, I recommend you get some as they are excellent to have! I keep my glute medius strong and IT band syndrome away by doing clamshells and other abduction exercises each week with my bands. Here on Amazon you can get some for cheap!

For quick recoveries, I take Equip protein powder (I can’t digest whey protein concentrate..) and Sports Research collagen peptides daily! If you don’t want the grassfed beef protein, Ascentย (whey protein ISOLATE..all lactose is removed) is another good brand or SFH.




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