Toss the toxic toiletries! Replace with some of my favorites

We all know that eating clean, wholesome foods without added preservatives and foreign ingredients is good for you and your waistline – but what about the ingredients hiding in your favorite facewash or other toiletries? The ingredients in most of your makeup and toiletries is likely contributing to aging over time…so it’s time to make the switch to healthier products that actually nourish your cells rather than coat with a chemical layer.

I have recently been searching for the perfect toiletries to add to my daily regimen and I will list some of my favorites. My goal is to find ALL CLEAN/mostly organic toiletries that not only work, but work well and without harming my body. Why does this matter? Well, the common ingredients lurking in most facewashes, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, moisturizers, etc., are actually doing more harm than good to your body – potentially contributing to fine lines and wrinkles as well as disrupting your hormones.

For example, SkinCeuticals LHA cleanser gel ($40 for a bottle) has ingredients such as propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, which actually contribute to skin dryness over time! Propylene glycol works by forming a seal over the skin and drawing moisture from the lower layers, helping the appearance for the time being. However, the more you use this on your skin, the more that the lower layers gradually dry out and this exacerbates fine lines and wrinkles! I don’t know about you but I would much rather find a clean product – without these chemicals – that does the job without any potential side effects of worsening wrinkles or drying my skin out further. If you use this product and it works well for you then by all means continue to use it…I just don’t want to risk having worse wrinkles when I am older if possible so I am going to choose plant derived, nourishing cleansers and natural moisturizers that I can feel confident using.



I read an article the other day about why some women of the same age look so much younger than others, and while exercise, diet, lifestyle factors play a huge role, what you are putting on your skin every single day also plays a massive role in how your skin ages. Furthermore, all of the “anti-wrinkle” creams and facewashes you are purchasing at CVS and lathering up with daily are actually breaking down the natural proteins in your skin and making your skin WORSE over time. They work by momentarily providing moisture, but actually lead to more dryness therefor you add more of the product, and the viscous cycle continues and damages the skin’s natural proteins and collagen. Also, all of the layers of cheap makeup are not helping your skin either! Something to think about…

A clean facewash I started using and love is MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser! The ingredients are excellent and it’s really helping clear up the little breakouts I had. It improves your skin overtime, unlike most chemically-based cleansers, and it has plant derived ingredients to give you a beautiful complexion. You can purchase it at Whole Foods or online. It’s less than $20, too! Lately I have been using it once or twice a day. Every morning I simply splash my face with water and spray my Primally Pure complexion mist and then go about my day. I will wash with this after a workout and also at night before bed — but I never wash my face in the morning because that tends to make my skin too dry and promote more oil production. I find that the fewer ingredients I can put on my face…the better (I also rarely wear makeup).


Other products I have been using include Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap (bodywash), Dr. Bronner’s shaving cream, Primally Pure facial mist and Schmidt’s deodorant! I have been using the Bronner’s products for years now and won’t use any other soap on my skin! I love the different scents and the bottle lasts forever. We have both lavender and peppermint in our house.. You can also use it to wash clothes, too! It’s such a diverse, multi-use soap. Since I loved the Bronner’s soap I decided to try the shaving cream and it’s great! A small amount does the trick. You can order all of these on Amazon, except for the Primally Pure facial mist which you can find on their own website.



Primally Pure facial mist is something I started using a few weeks ago and I love the scent and how it delivers a clean mist of moisture, naturally! It smells amazing and the geranium oil helps even skin tone and assist with fine lines or wrinkles by speeding skin cell turnaround.


Avalon organics is another brand I use. Their vitamin c moisturizer smells amazing and does a great job of keeping my skin from drying out. It’s filled with natural ingredients so there is no worry of potentially worsening your skin overtime. Read more about the moisturizer or other products on their website Avalon Organics. 

ACURE is a new brand that has entered my bathroom! I heard about it from a friend of mine and I am hooked on their lotions and conditioners! You can purchase it at Target or Whole Foods (or online). As usual, this brand is completely natural and cruelty free. You can trust that you aren’t coating your skin with hormone-disrupters or artificial fragrances! I use this lotion in combination with my coconut oil every day! I also love the conditioner and love that the products are very affordable.

Let’s talk quickly about deodorant/anti-antiperspirant. I can’t believe people still use anti-antiperspirant!!! We are designed to SWEAT, people! Numerous studies have shown that aluminum can lead to breast cancer — so why would you want to coat your underarms with it?? I don’t know about you but I would rather not take the slightest risk of increasing my chances of cancerous cells. I use Schmidt’s and their deodorant is natural and works well and smells amazing! I also don’t ever stink!!! And I am a personal trainer for a living and workout hard! I found that when I made the switch to a natural deodorant I actually started sweating LESS under my arms…and only sweat a lot when I am in the middle of a workout (duh). So do yourself, your skin, and your health a favor and make the switch. Let your body do what it’s designed to do which is SWEAT.

I hope I have inspired some of you to not only clean out your kitchen, but also your bathroom cabinets. The less you can coat your insides and outsides with chemicals, the better off you will be. Do your research, read your labels and start googling what ingredients are and what they actually do to your body. You will learn so much and help make yourself healthier (and your family if applicable).

For more information I recommend you check out the organic bunny – she is a natural beauty blogger who has so much information and she really does the research to find the best products for your skin! I also recommend taking collagen peptides daily for healthy skin, digestion, and happy joints! I take collagen every day (blend it in my coffee – it’s odorless and blends completely) and it helps tremendously with the bunion pain I have in my right foot. You can order collagen on Amazon for the best price! I take sports research but may also try out this brand as well. Just be sure to take it with a vitamin C as it requires that vit c molecule for proper absorption.




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