Meal Prep

Meal Prep 2/4/18 – 2/9/18

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and MEAL PREP DAY! Well, partial meal prep. Now that I have a much more flexible schedule with my job (come and go as I have clients), I have more time during the week to COOK – YAY! However, I still like to do my grocery shopping in bulk on Saturdays and cook a bunch of breakfast on Sunday as well as have dinner and lunch options ready to go. So this week it is…

  • Berry baked oatmeal for breakfast (4 meals total, 2 for me 2 for Brian)
  • Blueberry protein waffles (4 total, 2 for me 2 for Brian; same recipe as my regular protein waffle I just stirred in some fresh blueberries before cooking)
  • Chicken and veggie crockpot soup (going in tomorrow morning – recipe to come soon)
  • Turkey/sausage meatloaf  (recipe to come soon!)

For the crockpot soup I plan to use 4 chicken breasts, chicken stock (organic low sodium), carrots, onions, celery, bok choy (tons of veggies!) Yukon gold organic potatoes, mushrooms and spices.

For the meatloaf (Recipe to come), I plan to use 1 lb ground turkey and 1 lb Italian sausage, riced cauliflower, tomato paste, carrots and spices. For dinners alongside meatloaf I will fix some kind of roasted veggie (cauliflower or Brussels are my fav) and have the option to make a carb if I choose to do so (usually sweet potatoes, or no carb at all).

AND Since the Super Bowl is tonight we are going to grill some lemon chicken wings (from Whole Foods) and make a Paleo Caesar salad, roasted spicy cauliflower, and maybe my baked sweet potato fries! Lately I make my fries with a little garlic powder, pink salt, pepper and smoked paprika! I always bake them with a mixture of coconut oil and Kerrygold grassfed butter (melted) and at 450 degree oven for about 30-35 minutes until crisp. YUM.

SNACKS FOR THE WEEK…I always stock up on Lara Bars, Chomp sticks (grassfed beef sticks from Trader Joe’s), Sardines, Rice cakes, and I always keep a few Perfect Bars as well as my protein powder on hand to drink with water as well. Meal prep does not have to be complicated – just find something that works for you and stick to it. Preparing over the weekend is key to have your meals SET FOR THE WEEK – and don’t deviate from your planned meals! Have plenty of veggies to roast, too!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s crockpot chicken soup recipe and meatloaf! Happy Sunday friends!





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