LEG DAY WORKOUT – and why you should train legs at least once a week

Most people hate training legs because IT’S HARD…it’s tiring, and it often leaves you so sore you can’t walk correctly. So, people will skip leg day and think that a quick run or a cycle class will count the same as a leg training session. However, if you want to have GREAT LEGS…strong glutes to keep you moving and able well into old age, you simply cannot skip leg day! Training lower body is crucial no matter what type of athlete or person you are. It will keep you injury free if you are a cyclist, runner, tennis player, etc. Leg training is for EVERYONE. (If you have knee issues I can also do a separate post on a zero-knee-pain leg day as I know plenty of exercises).

SO you should LEARN TO LOVE IT…embrace the discomfort and KNOW that it is making you fitter, stronger, and better able to handle anything that comes your way in this thing called LIFE. It will also make you super confident if you love your BUTT and LEGS!

I train legs 1-2 x a week. I do a heavy session – focused more on quads/glutes (glutes can handle numerous training sessions/week, trust me), followed by a hamstring/glute session 3 days later (never train legs multiple days in a row – give them ample time to rest and recover).

  • Here is a sample leg workout you can try this week!

WARMUP – 100 walking lunges

CIRCUIT 1 – 4 rounds

  • 20 leg press
  • 20 weighted walking lunges
  • 20 jump squats (rotating 180 degrees each jump)

CIRCUIT 2 – 3-4 rounds

  • 15 hamstring curl
  • 10 goblet bulgarian split squat (with 1 heavy DB)
  • 30 alternating reverse lunge

CIRCUIT 3 – 3-4 rounds

  • 12-15 hip thrust
  • 20 broad jumps OR frog jumps
  • 12 DB stepups


  • Banded clamshells – 3×25 per leg
  • Weighted glute focused back extensions – 3×18
  • Weighted hollow body rocks – 3x failure

FOR MORE LEG AND GLUTE WORKOUTS…follow Bret Contreras on social media. He’s known as the glute guy and I have learned a lot from him and get lots of my workout ideas from his pages. Also continue to follow me on instagram as I try to post my workouts as often as I can in my “story”.





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