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Meal Prep – more tips and tricks! + leg workout

I am currently enjoying some down time in my office! Since it’s Thursday I am browsing my fav healthy bloggers websites and trying to get ideas for meals for next week! I plan on Thursday or Friday, so a whole week in advance! I will do my grocery shopping Saturday and then cook on Sunday so I am ready for my week.

Some meals I am planning for next week are:

  • Pork tacos
  • Greek yogurt waffles
  • Protein waffles
  • Indian curry soup with chicken
  • Pizza frittatas

I will also do my usual veggie stash and probably add an extra recipe in as well for either lunch or dinner!

Workouts this week (and for the past 2.5 weeks) have been varied since I have been resting a wrist injury (power cleans). So I have mostly been running, sprinting, walking, and doing a LOT of indoor cycling (classes on my own as well as RPM classes). I also still train lower body, heavy, 1x a week.

Try this lower body workout – which had me WOBBLING FOR DAYS! No joke! I will also include the weight I used but feel free to do more or less.

  • BACK SQUAT 3×10 115; 2×8 125; 2×6 135
  • SMITH MACHINE LUNGE (27.5 # on each side) 4×10-12
  • 3×15 LEG PRESS (4 plates total so 180#)
  • 4×10-12 butt blaster
  • 6×10-15 ham curls @70-85#


  • 4×400 meter run
  • 160 walking lunge (no weight)
  • CORE WORK: 3 x 1:00 side elbow plank; 30 V UPS; 30 tuck ups; accumulate 1:00 hollow hold; 3×15 weighted back extensions

Hopefully by next week I can incorporate upper body again as this wrist injury has been beyond annoying. In the meantime, I WILL find a way to sweat 6 out of 7 days a week!

Happy Thursday!!!

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