What I Eat + Workouts, ETC.!

Hi friends! I have been bad about blogging…yet again…and I promise to do better! I am just sitting at work, staying late this evening, so figured it was a good time to do a blog. I am going to share what I ate today as well as a couple of workouts for the week!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and I am going to Tampa Friday with my BF to stay with his aunt and his family. We are so excited for a getaway! We will come back to Birmingham on Tuesday and Wednesday is actually a Jewish holiday so I don’t have work that day, so next week is a short week! I absolutely love my job though so no day feels like work. Except tonight of course, as I sit here late for my boss LOL but it’s OK. They treat me great so I am happy to do favors when necessary!

FOOD TIME! So for starters I had 1/2 banana, spoon of peanut butter before my workout this morning at 530. I also sipped coconut water with my Julian Bakery paleo chocolate egg white protein during my workout. I also had blended coffee (coconut oil + a little grassfed butter).

After my workout I made a protein shake with water, berries, spinach, Julian Bakery paleo protein (another 25 g protein) and then I had a rice cake with celery!IMG_6185


Next I had 2 eggs and some organic, plain applesauce around 9 AMIMG_6186

Around 10:45 I had my chicken, potatoes and broccoli! Lunch is usually always chicken of some sort, either sweet or white potato or rice (I try to do a sweet potato and less of it on a lighter workout day/nontraining day), and I always have steamed broccoli because I never tire of it and because it’s so yummy reheated!


12:45 I had a perfect bar! I don’t always eat these, but, when they are on sale I will stock up and have a couple that week. I usually have just 1-2 of these each week. It is the only pre-packaged bar I will buy and eat. They are also great for road trips!!!!!!


Not pictured – another tbsp of peanut butter + an apple around 4 pm.



6:15 I had my salmon, spinach and sweet potato!



LEG DAY WORKOUT- laid off squatting this week to let my rhomboid kind of rest! My thoracic vertebrae are also tight lately so I decided to take it a little easy with heavy squats, so I did hip thrusts which I LOVE:

  • Hip thrust 4×12 185#; 3×10,9,8 205#; I superset these with 2 x 20 sumo band walks and 3 x 25 seated band abduction
  • Walking lunges – 4 x 16 with 30# DBs
  • 3 x 1.5 rep RDLs, close stance, superset 4 x 15 bulgarian split squats (3 sets with DBs, 1 set without weight)
  • Ham curls – 3 x 30 – I do pointed toes to failure and then flexed feet to failure
  • 3 x 25 leg extensions
  • 3 x 15 weighted calf raises, slow and controlled
  • Β 4 x 20 seated abduction – I use about 125-130#
  • 3 x 4/3/1 sumo squat 55# DB. 10 reps per set. 4 counts down, 3 count pause at bottom, 1 count up


  • Seated shoulder press: 2 x 15, 4 x 10 increasing weight in DBs (I used lighter DBs as I have my shoulder injury in recovery)
    • superset these with seated lateral raises, slow and controlled, I did 4×20 and then 2×15 with a heavier DB (I used 5# DBs, then 7.5#s, then 8#s)
  • Standing DB upright row 3 x 15
    • superset rear delt cable fly 3 x 15
  • Single arm lateral raise 4 x 15 increasing DB weight
    • superset front arm raises 3 x 15 alternating arms
  • 2×15 cable external rotation (go light here!)


THINGS THAT ARE UP AND COMING…I am hopefully getting my nutrition certification through ACE soon – during the summer, and will hopefully have some clean eating growth coming out of that here at work. I just want to spread my passion for this lifestyle to as many people as I can!

How is everyone doing? Are we still eating clean? Fall off the wagon?? Need some motivation getting back on? Want any new recipes!? I gotta get back creative in the kitchen and start posting more things as I have been slacking! I get stuck in my routines of eating the same things so I don’t keep posting recipes…but I will get on it!





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