Okay so I haven’t been posting weekly workouts and I hope you guys aren’t disappointed which I am sure you are fine but here is what I did today as well as a few others from this week! I have been nursing a shoulder injury/inflammation so I had to kind of tweak my workouts and make this week a lighter weight week but still HIIT/INTENSE! Today’s was a great one though…worked the entire body:


  • 1K meter row warmup; then 8 rounds of:
  • 250 meter row
  • 30 second handstand hold
  • then: on glute ham developer, GHD: 6×15 KB rows superset wallsit with 15# KB punch
  • 4×10 Bulgarian split squat per leg with 25# DBs
  • 3x21s (bicep curls; 7 reps from bottom to halfway mark, 7 reps from halfway to top, then 7 full reps)
  • 3×5,4,3,2,1 bicep curl burnout – holding tension while in the halfway position of the curl
  • 2×30 seated band abduction
  • 2×20 banded sumo walks


  • 8 rounds of 10 power cleans (65, lightweight to keep cardio up); 10 KB swing 50
  • 3×14 single arm lat raise, 15#
  • 3×12 lat raise
  • 3×12 alternating front raised 15# DBs
  • 3×10 plate front raise 25#
  • 3x burnout of steering wheels to failure (google if needed)
  • CORE WORK THREE ROUNDS: 1:15 weighted plank, 25#; 10 V ups; 10 tuck ups


  • Romanian deadlift 4 sets of 12,12,12,10 with 135# barbell
  • Hip thrust 5×10 with 185, pause at top
  • Ham curls 5×10 heavy
  • Single leg deadlifts with 30# DBs: 4×10,10,10,7
  • Weighted calf raises, 6×15 (neutral, turned in, turned out) in between each set do 25 air squats no rest
  • 55 burpees for time
  • Banded sumo walks


  • accumulate 30 pullups
  • 10x: 10 goblet squat 50#; 10 tricep pushups (HIIT – no rest if possible)
  • run 1/2 mile
  • Lat pulldowns: 4×15,15,15,12
  • Straight arm pushdown 4×15,15,12,13
  • Weighted back extensions 4×15 35# plate
  • Elbow Side plank 2×1 minute each side
  • 2 rounds of: 10 hollow body rocks, 10 v ups, 10 tuck ups
  • 50 reps of banded glute bridge



Be sure you like my NEW fb page, KB Fitness! I will be posting workouts, motivational posts and pictures and videos there as well as my Instagram KellyBeckhamFitness! Oh and do y’all love my new shoes?! These are so fly and NO BULL makes seriously awesome shoes…this is my second pair in a month LOL and I want more but they are a little $ so no new ones any time soon.  Super comfy, durable, stylish, amazing. LOVE!




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