Forget crunches and sit-ups. This below workout is all you need to do 3-4 times a week (or every other day) to get your core ON FIRE! It’s not easy, trust me, but with some help from the videos I have included you can work on progressions and eventually be able to do all of them. Each move requires you to completely engage your core and keep it tight the entire time or else you will NOT be able to complete the exercise. All of these moves are gymnastics and Crossfit inspired – so you KNOW they work at strengthening you core if you do them properly and often enough.



  • 10 Hollow body rocks
  • 10 V Ups
  • 10 Tuck Ups
  • 10 Second Hollow Body Hold

rest 1 minute and repeat.

SO NOW let me explain each one…by showing you video tutorials…

The key is to FIRST master the hollow body hold. So watch that first. You have to keep your core tight and PRESS YOUR LOWER BACK INTO THE FLOOR AT ALL TIMES. There should never be a gap between lower spine and the floor. So go lay down and practice that – that is the key. And focus on keeping tummy sucked in tight as well – for the duration of the exercises. This is how you engage your core and all of these tips will help you when lifting weights too. You have to learn proper form and know how to use your core to avoid injury so these workouts will do wonders for you!

Do this workout every other day or 3-4x a week. Scale as necessary. Only do as many as you can with proper form. I promise you will feel the burn!



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