Leg Workout

So Saturday I did a diff leg workout … and skipped front and back squats since I was kinda feeling like my sciatic nerve was getting some pressure on Friday night and I didn’t want to risk any injury so I did all kinds of leg stuff but nothing with pressure on the spine! Try out this leg workout because two days later I am still struggling to walk and sit down – NO JOKE!

  • 4X15 leg press – I just used 2 plates per side (plate = 45#)
    • superset 2×25 airsquats for warm up
  • 7×20, 15, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8 ham curls getting progressively heavier (I start out usually around 55/60 and work up to 85#)
  • 2 x 16 per leg (alternating legs) walking lunges with 35# DBs
  • 2x 16 per leg walking lunges with 40# DBs. (struggle bus here)
  • 5×10 per leg bulgarian split squats holding 2 25# dbs
  • 5×15 goblet squats with 35# db
  • 4×10 sumo deadlift/squat holding 80# DB
  • 3×10 xheavy banded side walks (10 steps per side = 1 set)
  • 3×20 per leg cable kickbacks (straight leg)
  • 6×10-15 heavy calf raises


For the split squats be sure and keep your foot far enough away from the bench so that when you squat down your knee does not cross over your toe – keep the weight in your HEELS and focus on squeezing with the glutes when you come up. Focus on one point on the floor and use your core to keep your balance. Hold the dumbbells right by your sides. Take 30-45 second rest MAX in between legs/sets.

Pretty much for almost all of these exercises you should keep the weight in your heels – never in your toes. For the leg press, keep feet HIGH AND WIDE and press up with your heels – this targets the glutes as opposed to the quads. The cable kickbacks will be a lighter resistance since you are doing higher reps – focus on squeezing and lifting with the hamstring and glutes!

Try out this leg workout and let me know thoughts. Scale as needed.


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