My take on CF workout “WITTMAN” + Other Friday Fun!

Good afternoon everyone and happy FRIDAY! I hope y’all have a great weekend and don’t forget to get some workouts in. I want to first tell you all about the workout I did today, followed by some fun upcoming stuff! First of all, this workout is KILLER – it challenges your entire body. Power cleans work your core, deltoids (rear delts specifically), hamstrings, glutes, back, etc. Kettle bell swings are great cardio as well as an awesome core workout, and the in/out jumps further fatigue your legs, increase your power and type II muscle fibers (fast twitch). This workout actually is supposed to end with 15 box jumps (24/20″), but my gym does not have boxes so I decided to do the in/out squat jumps because it’s a very similar movement and as long as you are explosive, you will reap benefits. If you’d like to watch the workout done by CF athletes, you can watch here. I also warmed up with 1K meter row and finished with 1K meter row (where I actually ended up busting my lip slightly and was bleeding…LOL…but we keep on working!!!)

Remember, the idea is to push HARD. You should not be comfortable at any point in your workout. It SHOULD be hard and it SHOULD burn. That’s how you get a rockin’ bod.


  • 15 KB swing (you can use 30, 35, or 40#. RX is 35, I used 40# though)
  • 15 Power cleans (95/65, but feel free to scale; 95=men, 65=women RX)
  • 15 in/out squat jumps (1 in 1 out = 1 rep; essentially 30 jumps total)

The idea is to rest as little as possible. I am not saying I didn’t take breaks because I did! I was out of breath and literally dripping sweat – which is totally the idea of all my workouts. Try to do this one in under 30 mins. If it takes you much longer you may need to drop the weight so that you can keep the intensity up higher. The weight should be manageable so don’t feel bad if you have to scale it or even just use the 45# bar! Perfect your form first and foremost.

OTHER FRIDAY FUN…it’s Halloween weekend! I am going to a Halloween party tomorrow and we will be dressing up – I may (or may not) share pictures. I hope you all have some Halloween fun but I want to let you know I don’t eat Halloween candy, ever. I am not saying you shouldn’t or can’t, but, I figured I would tell you guys this, lol. Also at the party, unfortunately there is going to be nothing but fried food and breaded food, so, I am definitely planning on eating dinner right before I go. I won’t eat there nor will I be tempted because that’s just how I roll. I know they will be serving Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale beer, and I do plan to have one! I rarely drink beer but on occasion it is fine (never the crappy stuff like bud light – I only like a craft beer and I also only like IPA, pumpkin beers aside). I do very small amounts of beer because I am 100% gluten free in every other aspect of my life, and, beer is just so filling and bloating. So I am typically a hoppy IPA kinda gal and a 1-and-done as well. I also love red wine.

I will be working out HARD tomorrow before the party too! I am planning to do front squats (heavy!), deadlifts (also heavy), and core work and perhaps some rowing or other glute work. Sunday will be rest day as well as meal prep day. I am planning on awesome recipes for y’all next week. Pumpkin maple pulled pork and a cleaner and much less sodium version of Zoe’s quinoa salad (with chicken) for lunches! I will probably call it a Mediterranean Chicken Salad. ย We may also do pumpkin sloppy joes next week or weekend with the GF (gluten free) buns that I use.

AND…I am excited to tell y’all of more upcoming Q & A sessions with various people. I hope you enjoyed the one on my friend Marianne, because I thought it was so fun to get a different perspective. PLUS to show you other people’s experiences and passions in regards to this lifestyle. One person I will be interviewing is my cousin-in-law, Will, who owns and started MULTIPLE Crossfit gyms in Mobile, AL. He coaches as well as coaches and trains CF COACHES. He is seriously bad @$$ and knows what he’s talking about. I am going to interview him with all different questions and post that blog early next week.

So, that’s all for now. Also I wan’t y’all to know they had pizza day at my work as well as donuts this morning (every Friday morning) and I obviously didn’t eat any of it (and never do). I don’t even want to eat it (as you know, lol). I had tuna, celery, carrots, pepperoncini peppers and rice for lunch. I loved it and I feel amazing now. I worked out so hard today (and all the other days this week) so I always want to eat foods that will fuel my muscle growth and not set me back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend!!! Make smart choices and don’t forget to sweat at least once!!









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