Food Combining: Learn how coupling certain foods can wreak havoc on your digestive system!

I want to discuss food combining and inform you of some “rules” that could help you if you have digestive issues. Did you know that coupling certain foods together can actually cause major issues in your body? In other words, when you couple certain foods at one meal, such as yogurt and fruit (melons in particular), your stomach as a really hard time digesting them and can cause major acidity and inflammation in the body. I will go into more detail and list a few other food combining rules and link to some sites where you can get more information.

  1. Fruit on a full stomach. Fruit does not combine well with other foods at all because fruit is made up of simple sugars that require very little digestion (hence why you can eat a banana on an empty stomach and then go workout vigorously with no issue). Thus, if they are eaten with other foods they will sit in the stomach for a long time waiting on the other foods to digest. This will lead to fermentation of the fruit sugar which can cause digestion discomfort. I always eat fruit by itself or at most with spinach and water and protein powder. Something very fast digesting (NO milk!).
  2. Protein & protein. I don’t always follow this one to a T, but, everyone reacts differently. It is said that two or more different types of proteins are hard to digest and requires significant energy from the body. An example of this is pairing eggs with a meat – and definitely don’t add cheese to that as it further slows digestion.
  3. Beans and dairy. Both of these by themselves can cause bloating and gas. Beans are filled with fiber and are best eaten in very small quantities or by themselves. The combination with dairy is what wreaks havoc as humans do not digest dairy well at all. Try goat milk or goat-dairy products. But still, consume separate from beans.
  4. Milk and bananas (fruit in general). This is supposedly one of the most heavy and toxin-forming meals. Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic medicines) lists this as a highly incompatible meal combination. Food can be poison or medicine, as you know through my blog. And this is one not to be eaten together. This is why I make my protein shakes with water and water alone! No milk!
  5. Dairy and fruit. Milk is a laxative and fruit (MELONS in particular) are a diuretic. Milk and dairy take so long to digest and fruit does not, so, the fruit will sit in the stomach and curdle the milk, potentially creating lots of acidity in the body. 
  6. Protein and starch. Ok ok ok so I don’t follow this to a T because y’all KNOW I love sweet potatoes. BUT these are supposed to take so long to digest and cause issues. However, I don’t experience issues eating sweet potatoes with meat so in my body, I am good there. HOWEVER – this is the reason why I eliminated gluten/wheat/white bread/etc.etc. from my diet because of the major stomach issues it gave me and bloating, etc. This is also why I don’t eat brown rice as it’s much harder to digest than white rice. So many starches are detrimental to our bodies and cause inflammation. It’s why I stick to sweet potatoes, organic white potatoes in (extreme) moderation, and white rice. Oh and organic oats.
  7. Last but not least, cold drinks after a meal. Avoid consuming such during a meal also as this slows digestion and can cause allergies and colds. I prefer hot tea after my meals and I limit drinking water during a meal. If I do sip water, it is room temperature.

So, try some of these things out and let me know if they seem to help your digestion! I know I was shocked and excited to learn all of these things about food combining! I hope this helps you. This is one of the things I love about the mostly Paleo lifestyle as many foods are eliminated from the diet (most beans/legumes, brown rice, gluten, cheese/dairy). So, many of these food combinations would never happen in the Paleo diet lifestyle. Notice how problematic dairy is!!! This is why I just don’t consume it (or consume in very small quantities very rarely).

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