Living the Lifestyle and Traveling: My Tips

OK so I don’t travel a ton or anything but I do travel occasionally. The following are ten tips that I utilize when I am out of town in order to keep me on track with my lifestyle of clean eating and workouts! #nodaysoff people! It takes some planning and preparation, but, it’s worth it!

  1. I bring lemons and cayenne pepper. Any time I am prepping for a trip I will figure out how many lemons I will need depending on the days that I will be there. I never go without my daily lemon water because, frankly, I just love it and it’s the easiest  way you can detox your body in the morning. You wouldn’t skip coffee if you are a coffee drinker, would you? No! So why should I miss my lemon water? Going home for just a weekend? Easy, two lemons (usually I travel with my boyfriend). If I am going somewhere for a week or so, I will either go ahead and pack enough lemons so that each day I can have 1/2 of a lemon, or, I will ensure that I will have quality grocery store access. I, of course, bring cayenne pepper! You can bring these items in a carry-on of a plane as well so there should be no issues there.
  2. I pack my own oatmeal and boiled eggs and fruit as needed. If I know that I will be going somewhere where I have access to clean breakfast foods etc., I may not worry about this as much. Typically, however, I take little bags of pre-measured oats and then a separate bag to add cinnamon, sea salt, chia seeds, raw nuts, etc. so that I can make my oats and then add my clean toppings. These don’t weigh anything and are easy to pack. I also make a bunch of boiled eggs and will bring these to eat as snacks (if on a road trip, pack a cooler!). Apples and bananas are easy fruits to bring along as well.
  3. I pack my own almond butter to snack on. Almond butter does not require refrigeration like (organic) peanut butter does so I always travel with a jar! I can eat a tablespoon or two with an apple or banana and that is a very substantial snack/meal to eat on the road/as a snack if out of town staying with non-clean-eaters.
  4. I make wise choices at restaurants. I always, first of all, choose a high quality restaurant and I never eat fast food (never an option). I will find some type of quality grilled/baked/roasted/ meat and if it comes with a dressing or some mysterious sauce I will ask for no sauce/no butter/etc. I also always try to find some sort of steamed vegetable – be cautious with other methods of cooking the veggies as there is likely NON-clean butter and other mysterious sauces mixed in there as well.I avoid gluten, I don’t eat bread from the bread basket, and I don’t order pasta/sandwiches/fried food/desserts/etc. No gluten. No bread. No wheat. No sugar. Up your veggie intake – always – when traveling!
  5. I stay hydrated by always carrying my water bottle. I don’t go anywhere without my stainless steel Hydroflask which you can buy at Whole Foods or Amazon. I make it a priority to always get 1 gallon at least, of water per day – no matter where I am. Ensuring you are properly hydrated plays a huge role in keeping you on track with your lifestyle.
  6. If you travel a lot via airplane, choose to fast – that is, just drink tons of water and don’t eat much that day. Studies show that fasting is actually very good in resetting the human body and it helps to prevent cancer in that it’s a total detox for your cells. Many times if I am traveling via airplane, I will have my lemon water, coffee and a light breakfast before getting on the plane, and then from there on I just chug water and perhaps have an apple or a fruit (that I have packed). I continue to drink my water and I will be hungry by the time I reach my destination, yes, but it’s worth it! Sometimes being hungry is a great thing and you can then go find a healthful dinner with a clean salad or some meat and veggies. You just have to make these things a priority and for me, I would rather be hungry than eat crap food and that is my choice. This may sound crazy to you, but, that is how dedicated I am to this lifestyle and ensuring I only eat nutritious food.
  7. Limit alcohol. Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin and your body. So I recommend limiting alcohol – especially high sugar content ones. I drink even mor water, usually, when I travel in order to combat the stress. If you must have a drink, have at most 1-2 and up your water intake. I will have a glass of dry red or white wine, if I must drink, and have extra water with it!
  8. Exercise! Pack exercise clothes. Always! I make this a priority (I used to not but now I just cannot go more than a day without a workout. It makes me feel too good!). For example, the last time I went to Chicago for vacation for 5 days I brought workout clothes and I used the gym at my friend’s skyrise apartment 3-4 of the days I was there. I made it a priority to get up, have my lemon cayenne water and stretch, and go to the gym! Even if it’s just a quick 45 mins-1 hour workout, SWEATING daily is so good for you so I knew it just had to be done! It doesn’t take much time and you feel so much better after. So make it work. If I am going somewhere without a gym I will make up a workout, i.e., running, pushups, squat jumps, burpees, abs, lunge jumps, sprinting, etc.!
  9. I dry brushThe brush is super easy to pack with you if you are going anywhere, so do it! Use it first thing in the morning and maintain your glow and keep your skin healthy. I pack my brush every time I travel, y’all!
  10. Make sleep a priority. This is one more thing I always try to do. Sleep is SO important to me and I never like staying up much past 10 o’clock – even on weekends. I just love getting rest and waking up feeling great and refreshed and being able to have a productive day! Granted, every now and then (maybe once or twice a year for a special occasion) I will stay up later than normal and attempt to sleep in the next day to make up for it, but, I just do not like doing this. I love sleep. There isn’t much else to say. I am not ashamed or embarrassed. I prefer to get 8-9 hours of sleep and wake up early and get my workout in! That is the LIFESTYLE I live and love.

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