Run-Row-Power Clean:4-8-16 Workout

Today’s workout was AWESOME. It was more of a full body workout and my heart was definitely pounding above 175 the whole time. Here’s what I did and I recommend y’all try it out and let me know what you think! It’s a fairly short workout, definitely high intensity; be sure you push yourself on that final mile! TGIF!

***Note: I used to run in Asics (GT 2000 and gel-kayano), but after a while discovered they were not beneficial for my running form which is more of a “toe runner” as opposed to heel striker. I found these NIKE flex fury running shoes and I LOVE THEM! If you have my style of running I recommend you try them out as they are super light and cushion-y in all the right places; they do not feel like bricks on your feet like my Asics.


  • 2 mile run
  • then repeat the following 5 X with minimal rest (if any):
  • 1 mile run

Afterwards I did some stretching and exercises to treat and prevent IT band syndrome. I have dealt with the syndrome on and off for a few years and it’s definitely really frustrating. The key to prevention is to continue with exercises that strengthen the hip muscles which are often overlooked. I try to work on mine a few times a week, along with diligent stretching at night.



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