Find Your Motivation: 5 things that drive me

Hey y’all! So today I want to talk about the importance of finding your motivation and what drives you. What gets you out of bed in the morning. You won’t be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle unless you have something inside you that motivates you to do so. You gotta find that in order for this lifestyle to stick! I will address some of the things that motivate me day in and day out, as I am naturally a highly self-motivated person.

  1. I love to push myself. I love being challenged and I hate being bored. Everyday my alarm goes off at 445/450 AM and yes, I always want to keep sleeping but I know that someone else out there is pushing harder than I am. And that’s what gets me up and gets me going. I also know that I have the best days on days I workout at 530 AM (week days, weekends I workout at a normal hour, lol). I also want to push myself past limits and see what I am capable of. I remember when I could barely squat 95# and now I can do 135# for a few reps and it’s so awesome to see our bodies get stronger. I am also very competitive-both with myself and others-so I NEVER let myself sleep in or skip a workout (unless I am sick or something) because, once again, someone else out there is pushing harder than I am and doing more workouts and lifting more weight so I know I, too, have to push myself to become better, fitter and stronger. Who ever regretted that!?
  2. I love being sore. The results I see in the mirror are enough to get me going each day. I work my BUTT off to look the way I do and I am proud of it! I LOVE my body. How many women can say that? It feels amazing to love yourself 100% and to get results from the work you put in-both in the kitchen and the gym. When you put in that work, you want to maintain it so that drives me every single day. It feels good to look good and to be STRONG and to feel yourself getting stronger. I also love being sore! Can’t walk after leg day? I hope so! My favorite!
  3. I know what’s best for my body. And that is lots of exercise and eating clean food. It’s not always the easiest choice, but, I know this is what’s best for me so that’s what I do. I don’t allow myself to think any other way (this plays a huge role-mindset). Clean food is the ONLY food I will eat and I won’t skip a workout because I know it’s so good for my body and my cells to DETOXIFY and SWEAT. Sweating is the best way you can detox! I also tell myself you will feel SO GOOD after this workout and you’ll be so glad you pushed hard! That keeps me going and motivates me every day.
  4. I love to set goals. Seriously, the highlight of my day, every day, is my workout. It makes me so happy and I can’t wait for the next workout right after I finish a workout! I love setting new goals for myself – how much harder can I push myself or maybe I can push out a few more reps or go up a little in weight! Each workout is a chance to GET STRONGER and BETTER and when you accomplish those little goals, it feels so good and it’s more motivation to keep going.
  5. I want to be fit for LIFE. Not for the beach, or for a wedding, or for a dress. I do this day in and day out because it is a lifetime goal AKA a lifestyle- to be and stay fit. To have my best body – ALWAYS. This is the only way you will maintain your weight, or look your best all the time, if you make it your goal to be fit for a LIFETIME! I find it so silly when people are trying to get in shape for summer or spring or for an event…like….I go to the gym 5-6 days a week every week for life, year round, period! I don’t let myself get out of shape. It’s way easier to maintain fitness (and still try to be fitter) than it is to GET fit. So I recommend you start NOW while you can and keep at it. Learn to love it. Find a type of fitness that you enjoy, love, and can maintain or else you will not stick with it!

So, that being said, what drives you every day?! Search within yourself to find it. Then you can be on the track to wellness for life!


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