How to Boost your Metabolism


Ok. So I am not an expert on this subject by any means, but, I do know some stuff. And I know what works for me. So that’s what I’m gonna talk about. Metabolism is a tricky subject and if your body is already out of whack it may take some time to get it going. But I know what works, so you just have to be disciplined and stick to my methods (no cheating) and I’m certain you can get your metabolism going!

  1. LIFT WEIGHTS. And lift heavy. Ladies, step away from the 5-10 lb weights. Granted, if you’ve never lifted a weight before you will have to start small and build your way up, but, I guarantee it won’t take long with proper coaching and adequate dedication. I lift heavy. Please don’t be afraid of getting bulky because it just won’t happen. I shoulder press with 50+ pounds, squat 130#, bench 80#, curl 25 per arm etc. Lifting heavy builds muscle which BURNS CALORIES y’all! I eat around 2200 cals a day! Granted, I work out super hard (think breathless for an hour + of lifting and plyos). So I burn sh*t tons of calories first thing in the morning. But I guarantee if you start lifting and keep your workouts intense with an elevated heart rate (think 170+ the whole time), you will boost your metabolism.
  2. Workout at 530 AM. Fasted. This is when I train during the week. Most people are not morning people so I know this may not work for you. And that’s fine. I am a unique individual in that I love working out first thing in the morning as opposed to after work. It gets my day going and I feel more awake on those days! Working out fasted is even more special. You immediately start tapping into to fat stores since you’ve nothing in your stomach. Add the lemon water + cayenne + coffee (organic coffee only) and mct oil and well, you’ve just tripled your fat burning potential (these are all things I do daily). The caffeine of coffee helps your endurance while training and the mct oil that I take is a fat that turns STRAIGHT to energy. Mct oil (from organic coconuts!) is glorious. Getcha some now!
  3. Drink tons of water. This is a no brainer. Water cleans out your system and I’m a firm believer in tons of it. It helps your system work better and flushes out toxins and we all know that TOXINS slow down your metabolism which leads me to my next topic of
  4. EAT CLEAN. Yes y’all. Quit cheating. Looking good is easy if you do what I do. But you can’t cheat. It’s a lifestyle. Eat clean 24/7. Make clean treats. Drink tons of water. No artificial anything. It’s imperative. I promise that you will do your body tons of good if you start eating clean and make this sh*t a priority! I don’t cheat. You won’t ever find me eating fried food, bread, drinking soda or eating Oreos or ice cream. It’s just not gonna happen. That stuff is poison to your body and slows your metabolism. So yeah, no secrets. Eat clean. Period!
  5. Limit alcohol. I used to drink wine just about every night. I slept horribly and it was negatively affecting my workouts so I quit that mess. I may have a glass during the week but I’ll tell you now that it’s organic and it’s 1 glass. Not three. Not a bottle. I may have a beer here and there too like I mentioned before! But again, I have ONE and it’s not even every night. And I follow it with tons of water and a detox bath. Alcohol is terrible for you so I recommend you do yourself and your skin a favor and cut back. It’s OK to have a few drinks on a weekend, but you better make sure you’re eating clean and drinking tons of water with those drinks. And avoid the sugary crappy ones! Those lime green margaritas at cheap Mexican places? Sick! That’s corn syrup, sugar and tequila. No thanks. I know y’all don’t wanna hear this but you need to be taking a hard look at every single thing you are putting in that body of yours. I treat mine like a temple because I wanna look as good as possible for as long as possible! Yes you can look good at 70-just eat clean and lift heavy and I promise it’s possible.
  6. Sugar is poison. Limit it. Period. Wreaks havoc on you skin and your body. If you look at sugar like I do then it’ll be easier to resist. It’s not your friend so step away from the free donuts at work – you will thank yourself later. I feel sorry for people who eat that actually..grosses me out.
  7. Eat quality protein. And limit your carbs. If you’re trying to get your metabolism going this is very necessary. Your body has to burn more calories to break down protein and any kind of carb turns into sugar in the body. So eat more veggies (preferably organic or by following my list here ) and you will be on the right track!

Anyways so those are my tips on boosting your metabolism and telling you like it is! Eat clean as much as possible, drink tons of water, lift heavy and often! No secrets. Granted, you will be able to cheat on occasion when you get your metabolism in order. But nothing overboard! I’ll do a blog later on my “cheats” – but they aren’t often and I do my best to make up for them the next day at the gym. Do the work and you’ll look good.

Ask me anything you want and I’ll tell you! I’m here for tips and advice so feel free to email me! Go eat clean and lift heavy y’all!



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