Burn and Shred those abs!

I don’t do crunches. I hate them. They’re boring and really don’t help you get amazing abs. I prefer to do a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) which helps you burn tons of fat and in turn, displays ab muscles. I DO try to work abs at least 2x a week; now I am actually focusing to get them in 3x a week! The following are some of my favs that burn so good:


  1. Weighted bicycle crunches – I hold 5-8 lbs behind my head and do 4-5 sets of 50 reps. KILLS.
  2. Hanging leg raises. These may be a challenge to some but I love to do them. Try not to let your body sway at all. Do 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps.
  3. Toes to bar. Even more challenging than hanging leg raise. Do 3-5 sets of 6-8 reps
  4. Weighted Russian twists – I like to use 25# plate and do 3-5 sets of 30-50 reps
  5. Side plank pulses – get into a side plank (I support myself on my hand as opposed to forearm/elbow), and do small little pulses up-about 25-30 per side; 3 sets per side
  6. Forearm to Plank  – 3 sets of 1 min each
  7. Flutter kicks 3 sets 30-45 seconds each
  8. Mountain climbers on medicine ball 3-5 sets 50 reps
  9. KB Swings – these really work your core and shoulders and burn tons of fat when incorporated into workouts- I do 3-6 sets of 15-25 with 35# or 40#
  10. Jackknife on ball – This link takes you to a bunch of Swiss ball exercises however the 1st one is the one to which I am referring! These are awesome and help with shoulder strength as well as core and lower back. I do 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

So there you go! You do not have to do all of these in one session – I recommend taking 3 at a time and mixing them in after a workout or as a superset to others!



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