Legs-Core-Arms: Why I love to ROW

Hey guys! So this morning at the gym I was doing a cardio circuit to finish off my chest/triceps workout and that included ROWING! I decided I needed to share with you all my love for this machine, and also a very helpful video that you can and should watch to ensure you are rowing properly. I know it probably seems simple enough, but, there is actually a technique to this thing and in order to gain the benefits I recommend you all watch the video and then go get rowing!

Here it is –> ROW ROW ROW

You can see that the focus is “legs, core, arms” then “arms, core, legs”. Β I love this machine because it’s so easy on your joints, yet it utilizes your entire body! Especially if you are pulling super hard and pushing hard with your legs, you will feel the burn! Here are some ideas you can put into your own workouts, including my Versus workout.

What I did today for FOUR ROUNDS (post weightlifting) with no rest between exercises (very minimal between sets-sip of water if needed):

I love to get creative with my cardio! Cardio can be SO BORING…who wants to sit on the elliptical for an hour or walk for an hour on the treadmill? Truth be told, it’s not very effective either. You may be burning some calories but you are not doing anything good for your metabolism nor will you get your dream body with steady state cardio – I promise you won’t. Circuits are the way to go and rowing is an awesome tool if you hate to run!

Other ideas with this machine include:

5 rounds:

  • 400 meter row
  • 20 hand release pushups (I LOVE THESE)
  • 20 front squats (with dumbbell weight of choice)

Do y’all get the idea?? There are truly endless exercises you can do! You could also mix in burpees, regular pushups, or mountain climbers with the row machine! I will be sure to post more workout ideas in blogs to come! Hopefully this has been beneficial information and now you should know exactly how to utilize the rower PROPERLY πŸ™‚




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