Coconut Oil: My Favorite Things

Most of you who know me KNOW how obsessed I am with coconut oil. I never go anywhere (hardly) without it! I keep it at work, in the bathroom at home, and in the kitchen. So I want to share my love for this stuff with you all and the many uses of coconut oil – mainly the ones I have found to be most amazing!

  1. Body moisturizer – as though this isn’t the most obvious. I put coconut oil on my entire body each day after my shower – no joke – it’s the ONLY moisturizer I use. I LOVE the smell of unrefined coconut oil. It keeps my skin healthy and soft. It’s also antibacterial so it’s OK to put some on small cuts, etc. as it will kill bacteria!
  2. Makeup remover – Yep! Every night after work I rinse my face with warm water and take coconut oil and massage my face and rub it over my eyes/eyelashes/etc. and it removes all trace of makeup. It won’t sting your eyes either. Quit wasting money on expensive makeup removers and use this! I promise you won’t regret it. It dissolves all your makeup and does not clog your pores.
  3. FACE WASH – Yes! It’s true! I wash my face with this. I also use a clarisonic with a facewash, but, most days I use coconut oil. I massage my face with it for about a minute with warm water and then I take a warm washcloth and rub off all the excess. It feels amazing. You can repeat this process 2x if you had on a lot of makeup and need to make sure you get it all off!
  4. Shaving – I use this and only this! Just take it in the shower and rub it on the area to be shaved and there you go! Coconut oil + wet skin + razor = all you need. No dangerous chemicals here!
  5. Sunscreen – Did you know coconut oil is spf 4? Granted, that isn’t much. But, I put this all over my body before I go outside or to the pool (if just for a little while). Seriously, stop putting on so much sunscreen that is filled with terrible chemicals that are hormone-disrupting. Vitamin D is SO GOOD FOR YOU…I always wear a hat and keep my face covered with a natural sunscreen, but I don’t put much on my body if I am not going to be outside all day. We need Vitamin D and most of us are lacking in that area…the sun is good for you. Get some sun-it won’t age you that bad if it’s in moderation and if you are using coconut oil
  6. Cooking – This is the only oil I cook with. Vegetable oils = poison and olive oil really should not be heated because its heating point is not high at all. Coconut oil, however, has a heating point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s great for cooking scrambled eggs (and no there is no taste of coconut when you cook with unrefined organic), sauteing just about anything, and for baking sweet potato fries (granted I do use grassfed butter as well).
  7. Massage oil – Coconut oil is great for massage. You can use it to massage your partner or give yourself a massage! Often while taking my detox bath  I massage my legs/calves/feet with coconut oil at the end of the day. It works great!
  8. Cures Yeast Infections – OK this may be TMI but it’s good information for women. I don’t ever get these infections now that I eat clean (I mean it). Years ago I would get them occasionally after I was sick or had to take antibiotics, but, now I can happily say since 2011 I’ve not had one of these BECAUSE I eat so clean (food is medicine, y’all) and drink so much water (also medicine). Anyway, did y’all know that the yeast-fighting substances in this oil are the lauric acid and caprylic acid? All medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil kill yeast, viruses AND bacteria (as previously stated). So if you have one or get one – you know what to do! It controls irritation and reduces inflammation. And once again coconut oil smells great. Just be sure you are buying unrefined organic (Sam’s sells huge 54 ounce tubs for $17!)
  9. Coffee “creamer” – Ok so this isn’t a creamer really at all but I drink my coffee black besides adding coconut oil or MCT oil. I take coconut oil in my coffee on mornings that I am not heading straight to the gym- (when I go straight to the gym I use coffee with MCT oil as opposed to coconut-this topic for another blog post). I put 1 tablespoon just about (maybe a little less) and let it melt. It adds a VERY slight coco-nutty flavor and a slight texture that is just amazing. This is such a good fat – does not matter that it’s saturated. It’s good fat. Just google it. It also helps you lose weight and it helps to regulate your blood sugar. I eat a ton of fat and I’m tiny – isn’t that proof enough (lol)?!
  10. Lip/Face/Eye Moisturizer – If you ever have chapped lips, just rub some of this on them! Coconut oil is also good for acne is SMALL doses as it kills bacteria. This stuff also helps with under-eye circles and puffiness as the fatty content prevents dryness and quickly rejuvenates the skin (use it after laying out in the sun, too)! Virgin coconut oil also helps lighten the skin and clears signs of aging due to the lactic acid content. I personally use this brand for my face/eyes! A little goes a long way! You can also order 54 ounce tubs of coconut oil from this website too! I love Vitacost.com ! –>  http://www.vitacost.com/desert-essence-organic-coconut-jojoba-pure-coffee-oil-4-fl-oz?q=coconut+oil+jojo&ta=coconut+oil+jojo  The added coffee oil in this particular product helps keep skin firm and smooth which is perfect for face!

Try some of these uses out for yourself and let me know your thoughts! I am so in love with this stuff I think I will go put some on now! Happy glowing!

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