Killer LEG Workout: guys and gals

I LOVE leg day…I am one of those people…the harder the leg day the better. I’ve been trying to get stronger and build more muscle now for almost a year and I can tell you that the BEST way to work your legs is to do heavy (as heavy as you can safely go), functional movements, e.g., squats + lunges. There are TONS of different squats and lunges you can do so your leg day should never get boring! And if it doesn’t hurt to walk the next day, well, you did not go hard enough. #iknowitsucks but #justdoit

Below is what I have been doing lately – granted, I switch up the order of exercises and mix and match a few different ones here and there. But do this if you really wanna feel it the next day!Β **note that the final rep should be close if not all the way to failure! Best way to know you are working hard enough and lifting heavy enough. Also note: muscle building rep range is 8-12, strength building is 4-6, and anything above 12-15 = muscular endurance.**

After I warm up by doing pop squats, jump squats, air squats, side to side lunges, static stretching and some leg extensions (light), I head to the squat rack. I just downloaded the HATCH SQUAT app (tx Spanish Fort CROSSFIT owner-Charlie Bender for the recommendation!) which was designed to improve your squatting – an Olympic coach, Gayle Hatch, came up with the method. My reps/sets are pre-determined for both front squat and back squat based on MY 1 rep max (and change weekly). (*note ‘4x’ = sets x reps)

  • Back squat 4x predetermined reps based on my 1RM
  • Front squat 4x predetermined reps based on my 1RM
  • Bulgarian split squat: 4×10-12 per leg with 45# Kettlebell (aim for NO rest between legs 30 seconds between sets)
  • Leg press 6×15-20 (push to failure on these! I keep reps high for leg press for ultimate burn-rest 30 seconds between sets)
  • Alternating legs front rack squat with 45# barbell, 4×10 per leg (this should get your heart going if it’s not already…!)
  • Walking lunges: 3×16 per leg with two 30# DBs (if you really wanna get things going, superset 50 mountain climbers here)
  • Plie squat: 5×15 with 75# or 80#; superset 15 tricep pushups (hopefully it’s hard to get off the floor at this point)
  • Ham curls: 4×15 (these should also be to failure) superset 3-4 10/10 banded side walks (I wrap a heavy exercise band just above my knee, squat deep and walk 10 steps to one side and 10 to the other – that is 1 set)

That’s it! If you really want to keep going, add some HEAVY farmer walks for forearm and grip strength and some burpees and 25# plate Russian twists. Hopefully you can’t do the burpees though-your legs should be fried! #legday #growbabygrow


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